Seasonal allergies, drugs or natural cures to combat them?

La spring arrived, the Sun cheers i hearts nature wakes up and pollen, thanks to insects and wind, crowd theair; a painting really joyful except that million of people are the victims designated of this period explosive: the allergic. In el country 10% of children under the age of 14 suffers from asthma bronchial which, in 80% of cases, is associated with allergies, 18-20% are subject to rhinitis allergic, while 10% can present dermatitis atopic. And let's put the seasonal allergies.

In the subjects predisposed, therefore, these tiny ones grains, often invisible, which allow the plants to reproduce, cause the appearance of reactions more than annoying. In the top ten of the main ones responsible di itching, hassles respirators, Tears e cough (i.e. the symptoms of seasonal allergies) appear: le grasses pellitory, cypress,olive Mimosa, oaks,ambrosia, birches, the beeches and kernels.

A real attack transverse with symptoms similar to those of the cold in which, in addition to sneezing endless, eyes swollen e difficulties to look at the light, can also be registered situations in which from the so-called allergic rhinitis we move on to the most serious asthma bronchial. Allergens less seasonal but equally annoying may be the by the di dogs and cats and mites area of dust.

To understand if yours son be really a subject succubus of the madness spring with the consequent seasonal allergies it is possible to practice some simple ones skin tests (prick test) in which the expert puts a contact la skin of the little one with some allergens is not registered only reactions; in most cases difficult will be a specific examination of the blood to confirm or not the sensibility allergic to the child.

In the cases of answers positive, the strategy to carry on are different: avoid theexposure especially if it continues to allergens; use medications antihistamines in the periods of the event more aggressive symptoms or spray cortisonici (both prescribed byallergist); try theimmunotherapy specification, a similar Vaccine to do tolerate to the child over timeallergenic (a therapy more and more effective thanks to the sophisticated survey molecular of immunoglobulin, a technique that allows you to Diagnostic quickly difficult allergies crusades and locate the single allergenic in question).

Another method innovative, non-invasive, concerns the measurement of the gas exhale with the respite, Such as'nitric oxide, which makes the control dell 'effectiveness of the cycle in the child suffering from allergy respiratory.

In case of seasonal allergies, they also exist natural remedies to be able to administer to the little ones: the blackcurrant (ribes nigrum) for example is a plant that produces aaction similar to that of cortisone as well as being a great one decongestant; if the symptoms are not aggressive can be given to the baby in drops as a therapy preventive already starting from February.

After consulting the pediatrician, you can use them spray effective in appeasement le irritations a basis of thermal water (to keep the mucous hydrated), echinacea (to protect the former life respiratory), aloe (has among other properties calming e healing) or semi di grapefruit (whose extract is antiviral, antibacterial and full of Vitamin C).

Also 'oligotherapy, combined with cycle phytotherapy, it's a good deed curative-preventive: copper, manganese e ribes, to be taken in days alternate, act on symptoms of the seasonal allergies and reinforce the immune system of the child as a whole.

Finally, the reactions allergic to specific foods and of climate changes which cause a elongation on the ropes sufferings. Giovanni Cavagni, regional coordinator of the SIAIP (Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology) of Emilia la cittàgna, during an interregional congress on diseases allergic, stressed that: “In recent years in el country we are witnessing a trend continuously increase of the allergies. Children with reactions a XNUMX cups milk, eggs, hazelnuts and other alimony are doubled. The heating furthermore, increases the liberation of the pollen allergens and lengthens the season of sneezing".

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