Second pregnancy: the myths to dispel

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Second pregnancy

Although gestation is always an unknown factor, the second pregnancy mothers they may believe they already know everything and think that everything will go as before or that certain problems encountered while waiting for the first-born will have to reappear. Wrong! And let's find out why ...

Here we are with our positive test, we have wanted so much give a brother or a little sister to our firstborn but now, as we think back to our first pregnancy, especially if not everything went as smoothly as we would have liked, we have some fears about the ailments we have suffered and we are afraid that the same happens this time too. And then we ask ourselves if it is appropriate to attend the childbirth preparation course once again, we are now in the second pregnancy and we have already acquired the notions of breathing and autogenic training. Finally, we think if the baby will have the same behavior as the first, if he will start moving at the same time when we heard the other child move and we ask ourselves if he too will be born before / after like the little brother ...

The myths and curiosities related to the second pregnancy, apart from those that surround the sphere of the sex of the unborn child and that are tied to the hair and teeth of the firstborn, there are many. So before relying on the often incorrect advice let's read here! The important thing is to know them and to know well which information is true and which is false ... Here's how to get prepared for a second birth: tips and trivia.

  • Do I have to attend the birth preparation course again this time?

At the second pregnancy we know how the birth takes place, what the pains of labor are and what we should expect; probably if the midwife was smart we also have the notions of autogenic training, but still attending the course, together with pregnant women who are in the same condition as us and being able to compare and speak freely can relieve us emotionally. Let us also remember that it is above all a way to carve out a space for us and the baby we have in the belly.

  • Will I have the same problems and ailments as in the first pregnancy?

It depends. For disorders caused by a hereditary predisposition such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids we will probably find ourselves suffering from it again even in the second pregnancy. While for the characteristic disorders of pregnancy linked to hormonal changes, such as nausea and vomiting or back pain and lumbosciatica, linked to the weight of the belly and poor posture, it is not certain that they should reappear.

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  • When will I hear him move for the first time?

We heard the first one for the first time around the 20th / 22nd week and we wonder if he too will wait a long time to be heard ... in fact, after the first pregnancy the mother is already prepared to recognize the baby's first "flickers" and also the uterus is more sensitive and therefore it is probable that the first movements are already felt from the 16th / 18th week, almost a month earlier than the first born

  • When will the baby bump be seen?

If for the first child the belly only started to be evident around the 5th month later, probably for the second child, due to the more relaxed pelvic floor muscles that more easily accommodate the changes in the body and the growth of the baby bump, the belly it may already be evident soon after the 3rd month.

  • Will the pregnancy end earlier / later than the expected date of delivery again this time?

If the first baby was born before 37 weeks, it could repeat for the second baby as well. But if the first born was born before or after the estimated date with a gap of a few days, it is not certain that the second will do the same, he could be born on the expected day, a few days earlier or be waited for a few days;

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  • If it was necessary for the firstborn to have him / her born with a caesarean section, will it be the same again this time?

Here too, it depends; if at least 18 months have passed since the birth of the firstborn and if the mother has no particular problems, such as pelvic-fetal incompatibility or metabolic diseases or other pathologies for which labor could prove stressful and send mother and child into suffering, there is no rule that says that the second must also be born with the caesarean.

  • How long will labor last? Will it last as long as it does for the firstborn?

In general, in the second pregnancy, labor lasts about half of that in the first birth and also the expulsive phase is faster. So if for the first child it could suffer about 6/12 hours, for the second the times would be reduced to about 3/6 hours.

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  • The firstborn was breech, will he be too?

Not necessarily, it depends on the reasons why the baby was turned with the bottom down! If the reasons were related to a too short umbilical cord, which prevented you from doing the somersault to get upside down, it does not necessarily happen again. But if the baby was breech due to a particular conformation of the pregnant woman's uterus, probably the second child will also present in the breech position.

  • In the first pregnancy I broke the sac and spontaneously lost water before the onset of labor, will the same thing happen?

The spontaneous rupture of the sac containing the water is an accidental event and there is no study that says that after a first episode, it must also happen in subsequent pregnancies.

  • At the end of the first pregnancy I felt some discomfort and small contractions, will it happen even now?

Probably since the uterus is already tested and has more yieldability, not only will we continue to feel the same discomfort accompanied by pain and small contractions, but we will most likely begin to feel them earlier, at the beginning of the third trimester.

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