Second trimester of pregnancy, what to know

Second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy begins from the 14th week of pregnancy and ends at the 27th week. The baby gets bigger and stronger, and female mothers-to-be begin to show a hint of a belly. Most women report that the second trimester is the best time of their entire pregnancy.


After the huge disruption of the first three months, things are starting to get better, that is nausea and vomiting begin to subside. Instead, the body will begin to change at the speed of light: nipples and mammary areolas increase in size and become darker. The weight increases more and more, in order not to gain too much it is important to drink a lot of water, eat little, but everything - five small meals are better than large meals.

Muscles and ligaments relax, the waist tends to disappear, you can start to feel tired legs so wear comfortable socks, no compression socks and keep the extremities raised as much as possible, these measures will be greatly useful especially in the last three months.

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The baby in the second trimester of pregnancy

From this moment you can begin to feel the movements of the child and you can not be wrong, it is already a small person who sends and receives messages, already sleeps, is agitated, feels pleasure and displeasure, all mediated through maternal reactions. The movements can be like "butterfly wings flapping" or like air bubbles in the belly, but they will surely reassure you and make you 'talk' with your baby.

Mom's body changes

The belly grows visibly, do not camouflage it, but enjoy the beauty of these new shapes, take care of yourself, show it with pride. Enlarged breasts and abdomen can cause stretch marks so it will be helpful to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated the skin with creams and oils, but above all avoid gaining too much weight too quickly during pregnancy or breastfeeding and lose weight too much too quickly after childbirth.


Nine months of sweet expectation

Wonderful images to tell the nine months of pregnancy

What to eat and not in the second trimester of pregnancy

Still talking about supply, watch out for salt which increases water retention, causing swelling especially in the limbs. In this period, digestive disorders, constipation, drowsiness and on the contrary a true insomnia, itching and muscle cramps can be present. These are all normal phenomena in pregnancy , but also boring, so it is important to talk to your gynecologist who, once you have ascertained that they are not symptoms of other alterations, can help you to alleviate them.

The couple

The couple will talk more and more often about the baby who is about to be born, they have daydreams alone or with their partner, expectations but also fears about "normality" are common fears that are nothing more than the reflection of typical insecurities of pregnancy. Talking about it in two will help you not to feel alone. Do not neglect the request for cuddles or the need to let off steam with your partner and do not be surprised if you are more irritable, he will know (or should know) to understand. Do not avoid (except in cases of medical prohibitions) the sex on the contrary, it gives well-being, there is nothing forbidden on the contrary, stimulate your curiosity about positions and caresses. It is important to remain a couple, but without forcing yourself to please him or forcing him.

What weeks does the second trimester of pregnancy correspond to

Il second trimester of pregnancy it ranges from the fourteenth week to the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy. In each of them the woman's body undergoes changes, and the fetus continues its growth path in the mother's belly.

  • Fourteenth week of pregnancy
  • Fifteenth week of pregnancy
  • Sixteenth week of pregnancy
  • Seventeenth week of pregnancy
  • Eighteenth week of pregnancy
  • Nineteenth week of pregnancy
  • Twentieth week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-first week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-second week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-third week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-fifth week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-sixth week of pregnancy
  • Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

What happen?

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the symptoms you may have experienced during the first trimester begin to improve: the uterus expands, the abdomen begins to bulge, appetite increases, the skin around the nipples begins to darken.

It is important to start applying a specific oil or cream for stretch marks and around the fifth and sixth month you can feel the baby's first movements.

Exams to be carried out

Among the most important tests to do during the second trimester of pregnancy is the morphological ultrasound which is usually prescribed between the 19th and 21st week. During this period, amniocentesis or CVS can be performed, two tests to diagnose any chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus.

The three trimesters of pregnancy

  • First quarter
  • Third quarter

Questions and answers

When does the second trimester of pregnancy begin and end?

The second trimester of pregnancy begins at the thirteenth week and ends at the twenty-seventh week of gestation.

When to worry?

It is good to call the doctor in case of excessive nausea or vomiting, jaundice, swelling in the lower limbs and rapid weight gain. Blood loss and severe pain in the lower abdomen should also be reported. Fever, painful urination - which could be symptoms of a urinary tract infection - blurry vision should never be underestimated.

How many months are 14 weeks?

At fourteen weeks we are in the middle of the fourth month of pregnancy: the fetus measures about 7 centimeters and weighs more or less 23 grams and it is time to announce to family and friends that a baby will soon arrive.

What happens in the fourth month?

The fourth month is an important moment: after the first quarter, in fact, the risk of spontaneous abortion decreases and the nausea begins to decrease until it almost disappears completely. You feel better, the belly can be glimpsed slightly and a decidedly beautiful period of gestation begins.

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