Secrets for a good awakening

Wake up the children well

Driin. The alarm sounds. And the drama begins. The amount of time available before leaving the house is inversely proportional to the slowness with which our children decide to get up. They - who don't have a sense of time - don't understand that you have to start the day. So often mothers start screaming and saying hurry up because they can't bribe the janitor once again to let them in when the gates are already closed.

The problem is that parents often underestimate the importance of good awakening. Babies need more time to get up and that's why we are wrong to be angry with them if - by our standards - they are champions of calm. It is therefore good that we adapt to their times and not theirs to ours. How? With simple ones "Tricks" that will make them face the new day better.

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So here are some life-saving tips (and save patience):

  • Organize everything the previous evening

It is true that after a tiring day you may not want to prepare the clothes and the satchel for the next day, but in this way you can save a lot of time, especially if the boy or girl wants to go to school or kindergarten. wearing their favorite T-shirt or carrying the toy they particularly love with them. Without haste you can prepare everything calmly without the risk of forgetting something (and take your child to school in pajamas with the excuse that there is a pinafore that hides everything).

  • Set the alarm half an hour earlier

We know that the right to sleep for parents is sacred (did you know that in the first year of life an average of 44 days of sleep are lost?) But to avoid bile attacks that do not do so much good, we make the sacrifice of getting up a little 'first in order to have time to prepare the breakfast and calmly wake up the little ones.


10 ways to simplify life with children

Life with children can often be exhausting. But there are some tricks to simplify everyday life. Here are ten

  • Implement a gentle awakening

Better to put one into practice "Strategy" made up of kisses and caresses, rather than walking into the room, shooting the light in the face, opening the windows even if it is snowing outside, and removing the covers to make the alarm go faster.

  • Being a habit

wake up the children well

As for sleep, also for waking up children need one routine. Better to start the day with the same song or the same fairy tale that is told every morning, so that the child can gain confidence. It is also important that he is always awakened at the same time, just as it is right that he goes to bed at about the same time.

  • Be told what he dreamed of

It is a way to share with parents how the child spent the night. In fact, dreams are often "re-elaborations" of what he experienced during the day and that has greatly affected him.

  • Have breakfast together (calmly)

It is known that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day, not only because it provides the energy to start a new day well, but also because it is the time when the family gets together before going to their respective activities. It is therefore not good for it to be hastily consumed with a snack while going down the stairs to go to the car.

  • Eat early in the evening

Is important that dinner is light, because even if everyone likes peperonata with onions, it may not be ideal for the digestion of young and old.

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