Self-weaning: what it is and how to put it into practice

Brodino vegetable, flour of but, tapioca, homogenized, passati, vegetables. doses precise, calibrate, alimony to be inserted slowly and according to one table well defined. Temi e deadlines that whoever adopted it weaning traditional knows good. From some time, however, it has begun to do road between pediatricians e Parents another method of approaching the Infants al food solid and make known i tastes area of table of the great: let's talk about self-weaning.

Uno tool which allows the little one to to taste little by little i flavors and food they also eat Pope e mum, without contraindications but with some small ones adroitness: propose asupply healthy, small doses, so much curiosity, seasonality of the products and none forcing.

THEself-weaning is first of all aoccasione social and at the same time aopportunity also for the Parents to merge several target: on one side avoid of having to cook separately for children that grow, between baby food, flour e passati, and on the other of think back to your own supply of all giorni.

If, in fact, in theself-weaning the little one is sitting a table with all the family e taste to small pieces everything there is in the menu, imitating the "good example" given by mum e Pope, then say consequence all that comes proposed for the lunch Dinner and the other Easter must be sano, preferably prepared with alimony di season e cooked so light and with little sale.

So here are the first ones elements for those wishing to choose this road which also goes well with the prosecution dell 'nursing and feedings classic, until the child will not have the ability to eat a whole grass.

iniziare, however, the small must be well sitting in high chair, With the forehead straight, must know to grab and keep a piece of bread, of banana o pear, or a slice very thin di carrot in hand and know them swallow. Other element important ofself-weaning is that they are not there prohibited foods or from expire because of the allergies: green light immediately also at strawberries, if of season, fish and also at eggs. Abound with i vegetable, as excellent alternative di protein in addition to meat and easy to eat even without teeth.

With regard to the snack, on the other hand, in addition to the XNUMX cups milk, depending on theage of the little one, it goes very well there fruit, the yogurt, or even of the bread with l 'oil or with jam. They are all excellent alternative, the important is change and propose ideas different.

La basis of the theory of weaning, therefore, is that like the child learn from Parents a walk, state sitting, to grab the things, to laugh, speak, the same is true for the relationship with the food: the small trusts his mum and its Pope e taste what they are eating with curiosity e tranquility.

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