Seventh month of pregnancy. All you need to know

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Seventh month of pregnancy

You have just entered the third and final trimester of your pregnancy and you know you are in the seventh month of gestation. The baby bump reaches a considerable size and the breasts prepare for breastfeeding. You may have fluid leaking from your nipples, which could stain your underwear and clothing (but you may not have any at all): it is colostrum produced by the milk hormone prolactin.

Seventh month of pregnancy, Weeks

The seventh month of pregnancy goes from 26 settimane plus 3 days a 30 settimane plus 4 days.

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Seventh month of pregnancy, symptoms

  • The breasts increase in size and weight (about half a kilo) and the veins around the nipples are more noticeable. The most conspicuous sign of pregnancy progress is it stretching of the skin of the belly which, as it relaxes, becomes less elastic so abundant in creams and oils against stretch marks.
  • The uterus continues to enlarge and, for this reason, the feeling of heaviness increases and you have a tendency to feel a sort of fatigue in breathing.
  • You can start trying someanxiety and worry for motherhood, baby's health and childbirth, it is normal not to worry!
  • The baby could weigh on the bladder forcing you to urinate very frequently.
  •  Weight gain reaches around eight pounds.
  • Colostrum may start leaking from the nipples. 
  • Some expectant mothers may suffer from heartburn and digestive problems. The reason is to be found, in addition to the considerable weight gain, in the position that the mother assumes: sitting a lot compresses the belly, resulting in aches that result in abdominal pain. In order to avoid this discomfort, it may be useful to practice light sports or gymnastics, which help to keep the skin elastic and to minimize inconveniences.

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  • Very frequently, especially if the final months of pregnancy are hot, the swelling in the legs and capillaries. 
  • You will sweat a lot more than normal. Drink a lot, to improve drainage and relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, as well as to ward off dehydration.
  • Also on the rise calorie intake as the fetus is growing a lot and the additional calorie requirement can increase up to 500 kcal. The baby can occupy part of the stomach, compressing it and reducing the space available for digestion of food; because of this you may find relief from eating frequent meals, but small as snacks.

Seventh month, what to do

  • If you are still working, you can start doing the different practices to go to maternity.
  • This could be the time to make the necessary purchases for both you and the baby, maybe even prepare the suitcase for the hospital, without waiting to get too heavy.
  • From now on, gynecological visits will increase in frequency. If you have blood with RH negative, they will test you to see if you have produced antibodies.
  • It's time to start thinking seriously about preparation for childbirth: relaxation therapies, pre-natal or prenatal yoga courses, prenatal courses in water, the choice is very wide.
  • You may need to have monthly urine and blood checks to check glucose and albumin levels and an antenatal visit to the gynecologist who will likely prescribe a third ultrasound for the third trimester.

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