Sex: positions to get pregnant right away

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Positions to get pregnant

Among the tips for getting pregnant quickly, how important is the way you make love? In theory there shouldn't be any positions better than others and in fact there are no scientific studies that confirm that one position is more effective than another. In general, there is no specific position to adopt during intercourse in order to get pregnant earlier.

It is above all the harmony of the couple, the serenity and the lack of excessive anxieties that increase the chances of conceiving. So the watchword during sex is to relax. However, there are positions of the Kamasutra to be avoided and others to be preferred. 

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Tricks to get pregnant

Among the positions that allow greater prenetation and help the sperm to settle better near the cervix are:

  • The location of the missionary and its variants

This is the classic position in which the woman lies on her back on the bed while the man is on top of her. Ideal to allow the sperm to go up the uterine cavity. A pillow is recommended behind the woman's back, at the height of the buttocks.

  • The position sideways

Lined up to the side, he gets behind her and controls the rhythm and penetration that gets deeper and deeper. It also promotes the ascent of spermatozoa towards the uterus.

  • The position from behind, or commonly called "doggie"

In the doggy-style position, the woman is on all fours, while the man is behind her. The penetration is deep and allows the sperm to make their way more easily to the cervix.

  • The position French way
They are both lying sideways with their legs slightly pulled towards their chest. He penetrates her from behind.
  • The location of the drunk boat

The intoxicated boat The woman is lying on her back with her legs up and supported by the man. She doesn't have to make any effort, so she can relax and enjoy her partner's penetration. It is a position that stimulates the G-spot facilitating orgasm and therefore the ascent of spermatozoa.

Position of the scissors

In position of the scissors the man is lying down and the woman is kneeling over him. She arches back to her partner's feet. In this way the vaginal stimulation is very intense and is ideal for men suffering from premature ejaculation. Also in this position the man becomes more aroused by looking at his partner, and can stimulate her breasts or clitoris.

Among the positions he knows how to avoid are those against gravity: with the woman on top of the man or standing for example.

Position after intercourse to get pregnant

Lin the supine position it is the recommended one as it helps spermatozoa to reach their destination: the cervix.
To make their journey even easier after intercourse, for some time lie down with your legs in the air, perhaps leaning them against the wall. We don't promise miracles, but surely even if it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt.

Another trick: don't get up on your feet right away at the end of the intercourse, lie down for half an hour or less, put a pillow under your butt. Do not urinate immediately after intercourse. Even if these devices seem to work according to word of mouth among mothers, gynecologists remain skeptical and are of the opinion that there are no favorable positions for conception given that spermatozoa are microscopic cells that immediately "swim" upwards upon contact with the female genitals. and this mechanism is not affected at all by the laws of gravity!

Tips for getting pregnant quickly

The advice generally is to continue to have relationships when it pleases you and you feel like it without affecting sexual activity in any way. Forget the pillows under the buttocks, the right day accounts etc ... and don't worry if nothing happens for a few months.

On the other hand if we want increase the chances of getting pregnant it is good to concentrate intercourse in the so-called fertile period, that window of days that goes from two or three days before ovulation to the day of ovulation itself. There are several ways to tell when you will ovulate. In a regular cycle that lasts 28 days, ovulation will occur on average around the 14th day. 

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How to get pregnant easily

In Tuscany it was advised never to procreate on windy days, because the child would be born of a violent nature, nor in the days close to an important holiday, as its defect would be pride. In Emilia, women who wanted to have a baby ate kilos of focaccia made with 9 different types of flours, while husbands used to scare them to awaken nature.

Away with shots in the air or buckets of frozen water just to move that something that started the pregnancy ...
The legends and beliefs were also widespread in other countries: in Ireland and England, at the beginning of the 900th century, women were advised to drink dark beer to increase fertility; in Andalusia still today it is said that on the night of San Juan, if a woman wants to get pregnant, she has to jump the waves nine times.

Among the modern beliefs however, it is not true that to avoid getting pregnant you have to wash yourself with coca-cola or ammonia (dangerous to health) after sexual intercourse, or do a vaginal douche after intercourse.

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