Silvia, name for girl: origins, meaning and curiosity

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Silvia, name for girl

Are you expecting a baby girl and are you sifting through the list of female names looking for a classic, feminine but not very common name? Today we offer you Silvia, an interesting and romantic name. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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The name day is celebrated on 3th November in memory of Saint Silvia, mother of Pope Gregory I.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Silvio

Foreign variants

  • English: Sylvia
  • French: Sylvie

Origins and etymology of the name Silvia

The name Silvia is the feminine form of Silvio and is based on the Latin term silva, which means forest. The names Silvana and Selvaggia share the same etymological origin with Silvia.

Meaning of the name Silvia

The meaning of the name Silvia refers to the forest, the forest and can be translated as "inhabitant of the forest", but it could also mean"of wild nature".

Silvia, name for girl

Source: editorial staff

Diffusion of the name Silvia

In el country the name, used in Latin mythology by Rhea Silvia, the mother of Romulus and Remus, is widespread as early as the Middle Ages and has continued to be extremely popular up to the entire twentieth century. According to the data ISTAT related to the most common names in the country, the notoriety of this name has been slowly and gradually decreasing over the last few years, to the point that today Silvia is a rather rare name.
It is estimated, in fact, that in 1999 they were called Silvia ben 2515 neonate, while in 2022 they were only 383.

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Personality of a little girl named Silvia

Silvia is a woman dinamica, lively, jovial, friendly and welcoming. She has an original personality and is interested in different subjects and topics, both for her curiosity and her willingness to stimulate her intellect, and simply because she is full of energy and will to live. However she is also hypersensitive and toappearance may seem suspicious and reserved. There its true nature is dictated by willpower and enthusiasm, his excessive sensitivity can sometimes upset his emotional balance. She can, therefore, go from joy to anger, from nervousness to tranquility, and this ambivalence makes it difficult for others to understand her true nature.

It is a woman proud, divided between the desire to appear and to have everything under control, and the tendency to seek happiness.

Silvia is intelligentSensitive to humor, she has great adaptability, laughs often, is fast mentally and physically and hates being relegated to the background. Silvia likes to talk, communicate and interact with others, she loves to express herself, play and grasp the high playfulness of life. She loves fashion and everything that is original and non-trivial, yet Silvia is also shy, reserved and if she is hurt she takes refuge in herself.

What profession will Silvia make? You will find great satisfaction in professions related to oral expression, such as the teacher, the actress, the merchant, but also all the artistic professions and related to the world of aesthetics.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Silvia's temperament is that ofAquarium: often ambivalent, constantly moving between her energetic and sunny nature and the more reserved and reserved one.


Il White it is Silvia's color, a color that has all colors in it and that expresses trust and hope in the future.

Precious stone

Silvia's amulet is the Diamond, the purest and most precious stone, called in antiquity the King of gems, and a symbol of a personal journey that leads to inner completeness.

Lucky number

Silvia's lucky number is8, a symbol of completeness and extraordinary ability to complete every challenge.

Famous people named Silvia

  • Silvia of Sweden, Swedish queen, wife of Carl XVI Gustav
  • Silvia Abascal, Spanish actress
  • Silvia Baraldini, activist el paesena
  • Silvia Di Natale, sociologist and writer el paesena
  • Silvia Dionisio, actress and model el paesena
  • Silvia Manto, actress and the country
  • Silvia Mezzanotte, singer of the countryside
  • Silvia Ronchey, historian and the village
  • Silvia Ruotolo, woman and the village victim of the Camorra
  • Silvia Salis, athlete el paesena
  • Silvia Vegetti Finzi, psychologist and village

Song dedicated to Silvia

Many songwriters have dedicated their songs to Silvia, we have chosen Silvia by Vasco Rossi

Silvia rests

inside the room

with one hand under the pillow

while the morning is breaking outside

that soon will wake her up

Silvia and the news

in front of the mirror

and a little lipstick on the lips

Let's go slow with the makeup though

otherwise the mother will grumble

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