Sleep of newborns: how to facilitate it effectively

I Parents represent one guide For their own children be from children than in age adult and in nearly all aspects of the "vita". The sleep does not do exception. But how to do it learn to most small some good ones habits in relation to sonno? And - above all - how facilitate il sonno of the Infants?

First of all, you have to alter il rhythm that the little one remembers from belly area of mum. In fact during the 9 months, rhythm sleep / wake is almost always opposite to to the cycle day-night (To day sleep rocked dai movements area of mum in business, of notte when she is expanse instead it is I wake). This situation va re-educated. It is good that the little ones make gods rest also long during the day, but these should be limited and do not exceed the 3 o 4 hours. a trick is to do them sleep in environments bright and not muffled. The limitation di sounds e sounds andassenza area of light it is, in fact, about sleep night.

Compared to a adult, sonno of the Infants ha cycles more brevi and although the phase REM be more long, it is even more light. After aNow di sonno deep, for example, the neonate si wave, mutters, weeps even if it's not yet I wake. To avoid wake entirely or of disturb him, touching it or making gods verses, is a possible one strategy to let the sonno continue. The phases Very long REM of the former periods decrease by i two months of growth; the neonate sleep meglio and more a lungo, coming to six months to touch up the 8 or 12 hours continuous (when i Parents are lucky!).

In general, the growth (how to put the teeth) oi problemi seasonal (colds and the like) add some difficulties temporary to sonno of the Infants. Especially in these almost, but it would be desirable always follow this scheme, parents should hold a diario area of routine of their small in order to store le habits family members. Once create and managed more or less regular, it becomes easier to help the neonate a sleep well and more a lungo.

Lontano from the idea of ​​a planning daily in perfect style managerial and with punctuality German, the notes taken simply serve a (maintain un rhythm of the outdoor concerning the bimbo and world that suits him about. The "Events”Are thus repeated always in the same order without the maniacal need to look at theclock: nursing, exchange diaper, exit for one walk, bath and so on. For example, if the need to do the expenditure di morning and if the little one gladly does a nap morning, did not sense force him to alter this habit; better postpone la expenditure thus avoiding a upset that would make it restless.

Staying on the subject of sonno of the Infants, if also the adults fail to sleep well or to take sonno when they are too much tired, why should a suckling? The fake axiom planetary “you have to do them weary a little more to make them sleep" has not been confirmed from any experience empirical. On the contrary! IS preferable far rest il neonate when it starts strofinarsi the eyes, you pull the ears, iron the little body, yawns o piagnucola or watch the empty and it's irritable. All of these are clear signs of a prossima (and more violent) fatigue which, for the good and defense of each parent (to the first or fifth experience no matter) would be desirable avoid.

Good night at all!

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