Small remedies for ailments in pregnancy

Remedies for ailments in pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered a "state" absolutely comparable to normal, yet many women suffer from some ailments that make the 9-month journey a little less serene. Let's try to understand better why these disorders occur e how to prevent them with simple tricks, before resorting to drugs (traditional or homeopathic) if necessary.


Disorders of pregnancy: a remedy for everyone

Back pain, swollen legs, heartburn and many others. Here are the safe remedies for the most common ailments of pregnancy

Nausea in pregnancy

The first and most common complaint is certainly nausea, which typically occurs in early pregnancy and can last until end of the first quarter. It is often strong upon awakening or at the sight of food or in the presence of certain smells. In order to somehow mitigate it, one should try to keep the stomach full with small meals, even upon waking up and walking outdoors.

Remedies for nausea in pregnancy

Furthermore here are some dietary tips e remedies that may be helpful:

  • limit dairy products
  • increase the intake of proteins and vitamins B1 and B6
  • consume leafy vegetables with lemon juice
  • drink herbal teas made from dandelion, mallow or mint 

Constipation and constipation in pregnancy

Another very common problem is constipation and constipation. The increase in progesterone reduces the ability to move the intestinal muscles which therefore slows down or limits the ability to discharge.

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Remedies for constipation and constipation

In order to solve the problem it is useful:

  • doing moderate physical activity
  • eat foods rich in waste and fiber, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals and dried legumes but also all foods rich in proteins.
  • drink abundantly between meals, even herbal teas based on dandelion or fennel.

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses the weight of the uterus and the dilation of the vessels (always due to the action of progesterone) can cause the formation of hemorrhoids, even very showy and annoying. In this case, careful hygiene is always very important, even if it can be annoying, to prevent bacteria from remaining in the area.

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Remedies for hemorrhoids

  • Eliminate spicy and alcoholic foods.
  • Instead, favor fiber, protein and vitamin C which tones blood vessels.
  • They can be useful for decongesting the area of ​​mallow, lime or horse chestnut compresses.

Whitish discharge in pregnancy

In pregnancy the increased vaginal acidity can lead to a excessive production of whitish mucus, particularly annoying for women who suffer from it. The appearance of these losses is not necessarily linked to a bacterial infection but it is always good to carry out a vaginal swab to exclude it. Indispensable in this case it is hygiene, using 1 tablespoon of baking soda or sea salt dissolved in water.

Remedies against white losses

  • Eliminate or minimize all yeasts and introduce fresh vegetables.
  • Take care of intimate hygiene

Back pain in pregnancy

Some women they can suffer from back pain, typically localized to the sciatic nerve. The main reasons may be: the baby's weight gain that forces the mother to change posture and lax ligaments.

Back Pain Remedies

  • It is important to try to keep a correct posture, with the help of pillows to rest on the chair or in the bed.
  • Use comfortable shoes without excessively high heels.
  • Do physical activities such as swimming or gymnastics.
  • A localized massage with juniper, geranium or thyme oil can also give relief.

Remedies for nausea in pregnancy

A few tips on how to fight the nausea of ​​pregnancy

Swelling in the legs in pregnancy

Swelling in the legs, said edema, it is mainly found in late pregnancy and can sometimes also cause pain. In this case it is good not to stand too much but rather to walk or do gymnastics.

Remedies for swollen legs and feet 

  • When lying down or sitting, it is helpful to keep the legs slightly raised to promote circulation
  • Very useful cold showers localized on the legs or a massage with specific oils or gels.
  • Nutrition should minimize salts, while increasing juices and raw foods and water.

Stretch marks in pregnancy

Source unsightly strips which can appear on the stomach or legs around the 5th-6th month are a real nuisance for women. Stretch marks are not actually a real disorder but surely those who have them would like to understand what to do. For real prevention it is necessary to leave very early, during adolescence, avoiding large changes in weight.

Remedies for stretch marks

  • Good physical activity
  • Diet rich in vitamins A and C.
  • Massages of the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and thighs with specific products for pregnancy, can be a valid support.

Solving all the small ailments that arise within 9 months can be a complex job. In general and conclusive it can be said that a lifestyle that includes a varied and balanced diet, moderate physical activity and careful hygiene can overcome many of the most common problems.

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