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Songs for Father's Day

La Father's Day, which is celebrated every year on St. Joseph's Day, on 19 March, is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the man of the house with a gift, made with his own hands in the company of the children, or with a gift purchased and designed especially for him, with a special greedy recipe or, why not, simply with a song.

Here are many proposals for videos and songs to celebrate dad on his special day.

Here you will find many videos and songs, we have selected some to create an ad hoc playlist for March 19th or to send him a special videodedication.

Remember You are strong dad, by Gianni Morandi? Sing

... But this caravan of mine seems to me to be Noah's Ark but it is getting closer to it! You are strong dad! Squeezing a little ...

or the beautiful Why dad of sugar

... I miss you and I struggle some days are not certain at all

E'  Life, the song that Gigi d'Alessio dedicated to Andrea, the son of Anna Tatangelo

I will be there ready to defend you from harm I will fight with the fever to never let it rise, I will fight against the pains to never make you suffer I will always be next to you, you are life for me you are something special you are light of mine heart".

Here is the video

Also dedicated to his son Raised shutters by Marlene Kuntz, signed by the band's frontman, Cristiano Godano. A rock song but with a fairy-tale and very sweet text

The sun has gone down slightly and a new cut extends those laughing streaks; inside I am bound and there is love in knots and heartbeat: you could feel it too! ".

Here is the video

And Roberto Vecchioni also dedicated some beautiful words in music to his son

Son, son, son, desperate lily, lily, lily, light of the purest emery, I run into your heart and do not take you,
tell me where I look like you son, son, son

The song I will walk by Umberto Tozzi dates back to 1991 and talks about his love for his woman and the plans to have a child. "... and one evening I will go crazy when you tell me that you will have a child, I will have ..."

Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven? I must be strong and carry on...

is Eric Clapton's weeping of pain for the death of his son Conor, had by Lory del Santo and fallen from a skyscraper in New York. AND' Tears in heaven.

Here is the video

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And it's signed by Eric Clapton too My father Eyes

Just a toe ride on the run. How did I get here? What have I done? When will all my hopes arise? How will I know him? When I look in my fathers eyes. My fathers eyes...".

Here is the video


Different love, I will protect you, oh yes I will hold you and nothing will ever hurt you. I will caress you and then I will rock you
to make you fall asleep.

These are the sweet words of Eugenio Finardi in the song Different Love.

The video can be found here

And again "Born will be born suddenly your life will change you will help him in his confused path but you will not be able to change his destiny", in Sons of Toto Cotugno; or the Wonderful creature by Gianna Nannini with

Light of my eyes, shine on me, I want a thousand moons, to caress you. I hang from your dreams, I watch over you

Here is the video


Father's day: lots of jobs for the children

Lots of ideas for chores to do together with the children to celebrate their father

Also by Gianna Nannini, BabbinoCaro "Stay here And give me a good example, You don't have to show the sky"
Here is the video


"And hardness It sets in You need some protection The thinner the skin", canta Bono Vox degli U2 in Kite

And we cannot forget one of the most beautiful love poems in music of the song el paesene, to be dedicated to the father, to his son, to his life partner: The cure of Franco Battiato.

I will protect you from the fears of hypochondria, from the disturbances that you will encounter on your way from today. From the injustices and deceptions of your time, from the failures that by your nature you will normally attract

A true hymn to love for his son Giovanni is Avrai by Claudio Baglioni, who among us hasn't adored her?

You will have, you will have, you will have your time to go far, you will walk forgetting, you will stop dreaming ...

One of Ligabue's most famous songs is also dedicated to his son, From now on  an invitation to love life and never give up 

from me you will know that it is worth living you will ask me "yes, but why?" I just know I'll tell you "it's worth it, you'll see from now on ...

Here is the video

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And again Culodritto, a beautiful song dedicated by Guccini to his daughter Stefania, contained in the 1987 album 'Signora Bovary':

But how I wish I had your eyes, wide open to the world like blotting papers
and your laughter clean and full, almost without remorse or regret ...

For you by Jovanotti, dedicated to his daughter Teresa, "... everything there is for you ..ninna na ninna e .."

And how can we forget the words of Francesco De Gregori in Hilde's house?

My father's shadow twice mine, he walked and I ran, over the pine needle path ...

Eros Ramazzotti in A song for her: "Thanks dad for being there! Now lean on me"

Fun and evergreen I miss pee dad by Pippo Franco. For the little ones to sing.


The initial code of the carton Long-legged dad sung by Cristina D'Avena

This nice and sweet little girl who sang at the Zecchino D'Oro remained in the hearts of viewers Childish Dad

And always from the Zecchino d'oro: Imy big dad


"So I became my father killed in a previous dream ..." Fabrizio De Andrè sings The father's song

Laura Pausini in I travel with you: "You taught life, every day a little more with those loving eyes of yours of two crazy daughters like us"

Father and mother by Cesare Cremonini sings like this:

Father, and if I miss you it is because I have given more importance to my complaints ... Mother, why are you crying? But didn't you tell me, that a tear is a secret?

And finally Mum and dad by Alex Britti: "... something that goes beyond reality and that will never end"

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