Stay-at-home moms, tips and ideas for not going crazy

Cinzia is a mother who, in addition to working, being a mother and a wife, has created her own blog dedicated to mothers: "MammaStyle". Like so many women who work and then have a child, she has experienced how difficult it is to get back on the game and find a new job. And to this is added the dissatisfaction of not seeing her role as mother and housewife recognized. she feels immersed in her children, her home and in the most desperate cases she can fall victim to trough. And then it is necessary to react and invent a new life, to get out of the tunnel of everyday life and find one's own space. Cinzia did it and created a blog dedicated to mothers. Here are her advice, addressed to stay-at-home moms, to get back in the game and rediscover yourself as women

"To all mothers who are mothers for most of their time, some ideas so as not to fall victim to trough "children-home-husband-shopping". Yes, very easily we can fall into a vicious circle that makes us live our days all the same, arriving tired but dissatisfied in the evening. It seems to us that we have not accomplished much, if we can say so, for a worker who tidies the house, cooks, tries to keep the fridge always full just in case, accompanies the children to the doctor or to the pool, follows them in the game, in the I study with enormous effort because it is hardly ever listened to, it prepares dinner.

Dissatisfaction arises from the fact that all this undeclared and essential work is not actually recognized in any way. Everything is taken for granted: since you are at home, can you go to the doctor? Since he's not working, do you think about organizing the class dinner? Of course! Since I don't do anything, no problem! All this generates discontent, nervousness, little desire to take care of themselves because they are almost convinced that they do not deserve anything since we do nothing.

Stay-at-home mom: desperate or happy?

I've been there too and I know the situation. Even now, even if I have started teaching again, I feel like a half worker. Perhaps because I only teach 10 hours and not 18, that is, I have an incomplete professorship, perhaps because while teaching you still have more free time than in other jobs. When I was working as an editor in a publishing house 40 hours a week was the minimum. I had to take my work home, there were no Saturdays or Sundays off if the book was to go to print. My boss was an exhausted despot, with a bed story with the publisher who therefore did not listen to some of my complaints about the lack of respect in work, the unenlightened despotism of this young lady who demanded the impossible. I lived through hell and eventually quit. Staying at home, I found myself in a completely different situation: after a month I was expecting Gabriele and for the first time I didn't have a job.

Until Gabri's birth, I didn't have time or opportunity to reflect because there were so many news, anxieties and things to learn that I felt

immersed in being a mother.

After the first year, I started to feel this vague desire to want to do something other than change a diaper, go to the playground and talk about the usual mommy things. However, having a small child it was difficult to get back into the game also because you know, once I got out of the world of work,

for women-mothers it is almost a mirage to find a new job


Busy mothers, 13 tips for getting organized

However, if I may, I would like to give

any suggestions

that the undersigned has put into practice.

First of all, you should still find your own space, perhaps taking advantage of the in-laws, of a playroom-parking because it is sacrosanct

have time for yourself

. When you have found it, use it according to your inclinations,



Try to read

. It doesn't matter what but read and above all avoid moms' books or magazines! Your brain needs to breathe fresh air.

If you are able to


some school subject or foreign language get involved. I did it and with great satisfaction. At first it may seem strange, but little by little, if we like to teach, the clientele will increase as well as the satisfactions. Better still if you try to enter some school where there are also other adult teachers so you can exchange advice and opinions. I would also have done it for free, putting myself at the service of Caritas to teach the village to foreigners.

In my opinion. the important is

have a diversion

which can also be a source of small income but above all a diversion. If you know

sewing, embroidering, making necklaces

or something else do not hesitate ...

keep your mind trained.

You will be able to get in touch with other people and for this alone it is worth trying. Leaving the mom world for a short time a week is especially good for the mom in you!

Or accept those



do interviews for shopping vouchers or gasoline



write paid posts

. A useful site can be where sometimes they look for people who can write short articles on some subject. Write mini-guides for ewrite "

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