Stories: my baby girl was born 25 weeks

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Little girl born at 25 weeks

We publish the story of one of our users of the Premature Babies forum who told us her story and that of her little Rebecca born at only 25 weeks ..

Hi girls ... having had one premature baby it is obvious that this "department" is the first that struck me and I read ... I was moved by reading your stories and I cried remembering mine. In fact I wanted to tell myself, but then I didn't make it and I thought about doing it later but since some of you WELCOME me what happened to my little girl now I'll tell you why you are really too cute and welcoming. if a few tears fall the same it does nothing because I know you will understand ....

A quiet pregnancy up to the 25th week

I was in the 25th week of pregnancy ... a beautiful pregnancy by the way I was fine, never had any problems. On August 2, 2008, after having done a few jobs, my kidneys started to hurt a little but I didn't pay much attention to it ... I said "it will be normal" after a bit of fatigue. I have been at rest all afternoon, the evening before dinner I go to pee and there was a small speck of blood on my briefs but the gynecologist has always told me that during ovulation it can happen. After 5 minutes I felt a very strong flow go down I ran to the bathroom and I had pieces of blood (I know it sucks girls but sorry). So we immediately went to the emergency room .. there I was afraid of losing my baby... as soon as I arrived at the hospital they immediately felt the little girl's heart and everything was ok but they told me "from this moment you absolutely must not stand up because you risk losing the bag that contains the child" (practically I was dilated by 2 cm .).

Immediate hospitalization

Immediate hospitalization to keep me under control and decide on a possible cerclage. The next day all day in bed from time to time they came to hear the baby's heartbeat and everything was ok .. in the evening I started to feel pains which then became stronger and stronger. I called the nurses who visited me and they told me "you are dilated by 6 cm. We have to take you to the delivery room" (I didn't understand anything .. I was just so afraid). They gave me a puncture to not feel the pain and monitored me all night until the morning when the doctors who examined me arrived and after seeing that I was dilated by 4 cm they decided to have a caesarean section for me since the baby was not at full term she was breech (otherwise the crazy girl would have naturally come out since one foot was already out) then ... prepared and taken to the operating room .... total anesthesia and 10.31 of 04 August 2008 they separated me from my puppy !!

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The ordeal after birth

And here begins the most painful part for me ...weighed 780 grams and they immediately took her to intensive care in the incubator .. I clearly having undergone total anesthesia did not see her immediately .. her father saw her immediately and they took a photo with her cell phone. x let me see it immediately .. the next day I went down to see it too .. but I swear to you girls that you do not realize it well at the moment .. it was a wren.

After 2 days he unfortunately had one complication and they transferred her to a hospital 60 km from where we live. After 2 days they discharged me and we all went every day x being able to be with her ... squeeze her hand ... transmit our love to her and pass on that mom and dad were always with her although unfortunately we could only be with her for half an hour .. more could not be seen that there were other children and you could be inside a couple x time rightly.

We made this life for 3 months... always and only hoping because they can never give certainties when they are so small ... then FINALLY they moved her back to the hospital where she was born .. she did a month there .. finally out of the incubator. .me I could hug and cuddle her as I wanted for 3 months .. and then girls, listen to a little bit .. on December 15th 2008 they told us ...YOU CAN TAKE IT HOME !! Can you imagine what a nice Christmas present we got last year ??? THANKS GIRLS x LISTENING TO ME !!

Now REBECCA she is 1 year and 4 months old (but 1 year and 1 month of correct age) .. weighs 7 kg ... eats everything ... almost walks ... she is pretty lively and crafty and she's fine !!

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