Stories: the birth of my son with an epidural

Tales of natural childbirth with epidural

Hello everyone, I am writing to tell you about my childbirth experience which took place on April 9th ​​with the birth of the sweet Filippo. I state that the dpp had already been exceeded by a few days and therefore every 2 days I went to the hospital for monitoring. Each time they told me that the baby was in excellent health and that there was no trace of dilation ... uff! the dpp was March 29 ... April 7 passes, Easter passes, Easter Monday passes and I was more and more anxious wow! we all couldn't wait to meet this baby !!! Wednesday XNUMX April after dinner I start to feel the first contractions ... I resist until two in the morning then my husband takes me to the hospital, they monitor and send me back home because everything is fine and there is no dilation ... help, I think !! passes all night and Thursday arrives, my husband stays by my side and in the morning we go back to the hospital ....I feel terrible and at home I no longer know what to do to relieve the pain of contractions which are very regular ... showers, massages ... I'm really sick and what do they tell me in the hospital? that there is an expansion of a "pinhead" .... and they send me back home!

the pains are unbearable and I think how it is possible that the dilation has not started yet !! in the afternoon I call the midwives and inform them that I have lost the mucous plug ... and that I do not think I will last long, probably after dinner I will return to them for further monitoring !! in all this time I have not eaten or drunk except a fruit juice and a packet of creckers just because my husband insisted that I swallow something ... in the pre-birth course we were warned that the prodromes could last even 24, 48 hours. ..but I was hoping it didn't happen to me !! on the evening of April 8 after dinner we go back to the hospital ... and finally they hospitalize me with a dilation of 3 cm !! I'm the happiest person in the world ... e very tired from pain I immediately ask for epidural anesthesia.... from here on my birth was a walk and above all I have a wonderful memory of everything ... the contractions are very strong and I feel them but the pain peak is stopped by the anesthesia and I am able to talk to my husband and to exchange jokes with the midwife and the anesthetist ... I'm very happy !!

and then the thrusts, a very strong but not painful sensation ... Filippo is small, 2kg and 900g, they don't give me an episiotomy, I don't tear myself ... my husband is happy because I'm no longer suffering ... he stays with me all the time and sees our baby being born. I give birth in the labor room because the dilation was then very fast ... filippo was born at 00.51 on Friday 9 April ... the most magical and shocking Friday evening of our life !! I remember the soft lights and the silence of the labor room, the kindness of the staff, the excited face of my husband, my cry mixed with laughter of joy when Filippo was placed on my breast ... it was like the I had dreamed ... and then sitting on the chair the midwife helped us to attach it to my breast ... wonderful .....
this was my birth experience ... leaving out the previous 2 days that are to be forgotten ... I have a beautiful and very sweet memory of the birth of my son, and my husband too was happy to live it with me that he finally didn't I was more so bad !! Unfortunately, many women have a terrible memory of that moment ... and it's a shame in my opinion ... I'm happy with the decision I made and that everything went well, thanking the heavens

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