Stressed Babies: It seems impossible, but it can happen

Also Infants they can be victims of stress. causes which influence its peacefulness are different: theremoval area of mum fame, sonno, positions uncomfortable, pains more or less intense. Two different studies internationals recorded peaks of stress during the interruption of the communication with mum and al awakening. In short, it seems difficult to believe, but it is like this: i stressed babies there are and how!

In the first search, the scholars have used a particular procedure known as Face-to-Face Still-Face; basically, during an interaction face to face, the mother stops “being communicative"With the child: not him parla, not touching, observes it while maintaining aneutral expression. This kind of technique would produce in the newborn restlessness, requests, cry. As a reaction, i stressed babies they will try to calm down with behavior self-regulating (such as the sucking non-nutritive) and will still have some reactions physiological specifics such as the increase in cortisol, thehormone which regulates the body's response to stress.

Le pairs mother-child involved in search were divided into the two groups. The first was subjected to two sessions of Face-to-Face Still-Face: when the bimbo he was four months old and 15 days after the first "experiment". The others pairs instead they participated in a single one session (when the baby was four months and 15 days old). From the analysis of results area of change of cortisol it emerged that the little ones already a four months have the memory of an event stressful even after two settimane.

Il cortisol has a role also important in results of the second research. Scholars have analyzed the hormonal reactions of 64 children - aged between three weeks and six months - is just awake and half an hour after. 63% of Infants had a peak of the hormone stress right during the awakening, variation not recorded in births premature.

With a lot chance, the researchers conclude, the little ones preterm have a system ofhormone less efficient and therefore they are less stressed; but since the cortisol it also performs a function inhibitory of work immune, the fact of not having these peaks it could give rise to one instead response immune excessive (typical example of allergies).

Finally, to make sure yours children are not stressed babies neither now nor in the future (as far as possible), it is good to build around them one reality serena e tranquilla, by providing stimuli adequate, taking care ofsupply and sonno and trying to remove from their perception any source of restlessness. If you are gods Parents calm and calm, you will have children happy. Even if in some cases the exceptions!

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