Stretch marks in pregnancy, don't panic. The midwife's advice to avoid them

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Stretch marks in pregnancy

Among the various problems that afflict pregnant women there is one in particular that aesthetically creates many problems: stretch marks. Let's try to understand together what they are, if it is possible to prevent them and how to treat them.

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  • What to use for stretch marks in pregnancy

When stretch marks appear in pregnancy

First of all, let's try to understand what stretch marks are and it will also be clear why and when they appear. They are gods longitudinal stripes of pale pink color in most cases (but which can also appear as purplish) they typically appear on the abdomen, laterally and / or in the inner thigh and on the breast. They consist of atrophic skin, that is the skin not predisposed to changes and which is lacking in elasticity, an important component for the skin.

Stretch marks are similar to “mobile” scars of the skin, therefore capable of expanding, decreasing and even disappearing. Pregnant they usually appear around the 5th - 6th month in women who are particularly predisposed, in those who have undergone strong weight changes, or in those who do not have a balanced diet and are not sufficiently hydrated.

How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

From the motivation for the appearance of stretch marks we can deduce how to prevent them.

  • If the problem is the so-called "skin trophism", that is the tone and hydration of the skin, the first thing to do is from the beginning of pregnancy. take care of nutrition. In particular, it is necessary to maintain a balance between all nutrients, favoring fruit and vegetables containing vitamins A and C. The first can be found in: apricots, cherries, wheat germ, yellow and green vegetables, eggs, fish, peaches, carrots, pumpkin, milk, corn. Vitamin C can for example be found in: tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, citrus fruits in general, blueberries, kiwis, potatoes, garlic, onions and peppers.
  • Is very important maintain proper hydration, which does not mean drinking too much. But when you feel thirsty, rehydrate yourself with water or fruit / vegetable juices (perhaps some of the foods listed above, which doesn't hurt).
  • A good tropism of the skin is maintained even with aphysical activity. Clearly the sport to be played must be proportionate to what you did before pregnancy, let's not improvise great athletes when in reality nothing was done before pregnancy.
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How to get rid of stretch marks in pregnancy

However, all this prevention may not be enough, there are women whose skin is not very elastic in nature and who, however much they do their utmost to prevent them, will see stretch marks appear. So how do you do it? Here it is necessary to make a very important little hint on the color of stretch marks, that is, as long as they maintain the pink-purplish color they are "fresh" and therefore the interventions may be less "aggressive".

When the color changes to white it will be more difficult to eliminate them but even in this case there are techniques that can help us and that can also be done during pregnancy.

  • We said the first and most important point to consider is hydration, hydration that passes from within through nutrition, but also hydration that passes from a massage daily of the skin in the areas where stretch marks appear and throughout the body.
  • Another important tip is to do not take baths with water that is too hot, but not cold either. Water at temperatures above 37 degrees tends to dehydrate the skin because it draws the water contained in them out of the cells, "drying them".
  • As for white stretch marks, as we have said, there are targeted treatments. They are treatments for skin blemishes that include: mud packs details or laser treatments. They are not harmful during pregnancy as long as you go to a beauty center used to treating pregnant women with serious problems with stretch marks.

What to use for stretch marks in pregnancy

We can act on several fronts, an internal front (in addition to nutrition which I will never tire of talking about) and an external front. On the home front we find gods homeopathic remedies which can be useful and are Graphites and Calcarea Fluorica. However, the power of the homeopathic remedy and its dosage is best recommended by a homeopathic specialist who does a good study of your general situation. Taking a DIY homeopathic remedy is like taking traditional therapy without consulting a doctor.

On the external front instead a daily massage of the belly and the most affected areas from the appearance of stretch marks can help both prevent and treat these imperfections. You can choose between different massage products suitable for pregnancy on the market including for example Bio-Oil. An oil is preferred because it glides better and moisturizes the deep layers of the skin.

Here are some examples of massage of the areas most affected by stretch marks:

  • A circular breast massage in all its dimension reaching up to the armpits it helps to improve the trophism of the skin. Continue the massage of the rib cage immediately next to the breast laterally and below with the hands crossed (the left hand massages the right side and vice versa).
  • The abdomen can be massaged in a circular manner in all its extension and the massage can be completed with small kneading pinches of the skin.
  • Buttocks and inner thigh they can both be massaged in a circular manner, with light fists and finally "kneading" the whole area as if we were making bread.

Clearly, stretch marks are not a real pathology of pregnancy, they are imperfectionsHowever, anything that makes mom uncomfortable will affect her pregnancy experience. So it is good to prevent and treat them so that no mom has problems with her beautiful body in transformation.

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