Stroller and trio, the elements to be evaluated for the right choice

    Stroller and trio, the elements to be evaluated for the right choice

    When it turns out to expect un child, after the first questions by rite, the visits and preparazione for the delivery, here comes the fateful moment of choose il passeggino. questions are aunt and they don't exist answers valid for all, but there are gods criteria to be able to follow to not make a mistake thepurchase of one "tool”Fundamental for the life of Parents e neonate.

    First of all you have to to understand whether to buy a trio (i.e. a frame unique on which they fit shuttle, ovetto e passeggino) o se buy i pieces separated. This choice it may depend on the fact that you already have a booster seat auto (by the way: go to brush up new standards by clicking HERE) for example, or by needs di space.

    Done this choice, you should know that in the trio the three pieces they adapt to age of child, but most do not go over i two years of age. There shuttle (or spacecraft) can be used up to 4-6 months at most (depends on growth of neonate) and some moms they can also use it as baby cot.

    THEovetto (in most moderns trio you can use it ever since immediately for the transportation in auto, preferably with the system Isofix) can also be a good one alternative for a passage intermediate between the shuttle and passeggino real. On the latter element of the trioin fact, the neonate he will only be able to stay as long as he is capable of Sit independently.

    Here then is the elements to be evaluated for choice right:

    • la width of frame. This part, in fact, remains unchanged for all the time of use and must be secure that the wheels pass through the doors di casa and lift, to avoid maneuvers difficult ed exhausting negli movements of each day.
    • La chiusura of frame: book and umbrella. Both comode and more and more easy ed evolved. It is important to choose the one most indicated also al luggage rack dell 'auto. Ask to do some evidence in shop where will you buy the passeggino.
    • Il weight: an element that is anything but indifferent. It ranges from a minimum of 5-6 chili to a maximum of 14 chili.
    • Il fabric of the parties internal. It is preferable that shuttle, ovetto e passeggino are entirely removable covers e fresh.
    • Quattro o three: wheels: the choice is between stability e sportiness.
    • Handle: there is the possibility of having one double handle or one only. The second makes it possible to push the passeggino and with a one hand.
    • The possibility of position the parts of trio front mum and forehead world.
    • Il trio it is definitely more economic of the purchase single of the three pieces, but remember that from year and a half onwards it may not be suitable al weight and at dimensions of child and you will need to purchase a passeggino lighter and more suitable.
    • Hooking is preferably used for footboard: if you also have a son more great, make sure the passeggino have the opportunity to hook la pedanina.
    • Back reclining: bear in mind that the neonate in the former months must stay as much as possible lying down. But it is important that it is there shuttle and the passeggino allow to vary theinclination. In particular the shuttle must be able to raise slightly to avoid regurgitation. For the passeggino, on the other hand, it is essential that it can lean down at least a 150% to allow a rest in position adequate for the spina dorsal.

    The deserves a separate discussion strollers for gemelli. Also in this case there is the trio. The difference main is in the position of two elements: In line (more stretto, but more lungo and little reclining), joined (more long it's less manageable) or in offset line (where one of the elements is behind, but more in bass of the other, as if it were two Piani).

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