Stroller, how to choose the ideal model


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  • 4 Choosing the stroller: what characteristics it must have
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A "means of transport" that you just can't do without. Whether for a walk downtown, a trip to the sea or a trip by plane, if you have small children, the stroller is the best ally for getting around easily. But for this very reason, in the sea magnum of models on the market, choosing the right stroller is not a trivial matter. The basic characteristics change and the needs of each mother are different (car trunk, tiny lift, flights of stairs to climb, presence of an older brother, etc.). So here is a practical guide to find what she is right for you. 

Since when to use the stroller

Egg and carrycot are the first two devices that are used for the newborn. Generally, they are bought together with the stroller, with the so-called trio. However, there are those who prefer not to have this type of expense, but buy only what can be used most, such as the baby egg (essential for safety in the car) and the stroller (it is the one that is used the longest).

Depending on the model, the stroller can be used from birth, replacing the carrycot. In this case it is important that there is a special baby carrier, so that the child is comfortable and safe at the same time, and that the backrest is rigid and fully reclining. Especially the little ones have a great sleep in the stroller!

Alternatively, the period in which you start using the stroller is around 5-6 months. In theory, the child should already have acquired a good ability to have an upright posture and therefore can also fit in the stroller. However, each little one is different from the other and what is true for one may not be good for another. Indicatively, however, this is the era in which you can use a stroller, also because the child is very curious, needs new stimuli and loves to observe what is happening around him. The spacecraft won't let him do that for sure. 

Recommendations for changing from carrycot to stroller

The things to consider are essentially these: 

  • Pay attention to the muscle development of the baby: if he still seems unripe, wait a couple of weeks. 
  • Always tilt the backrest a little at first, so as not to strain the child's back. 
  • Start with short walks so that your child gradually gets used to the novelty. 
  • Keep an eye on the climate: the carrycot is much more protected than the stroller. So if you are in the middle of winter, postpone the change to spring, when it is less cold. 

Until when to use the stroller? 

In reality, there is no single answer to this question because a lot depends on your habits. In general, however, experts suggest using the stroller up to about 2 years, but not to exceed 3-4. Let's see why.

As long as the baby does not walk well, the stroller is your best friend. It is true that the little ones taking their first steps would never stop, even when they are out. But it is equally true that they tire easily and carrying them is not a great solution. And this is where the stroller comes in.

After 2-3 years, saying goodbye to the stroller or in any case using it sporadically can be very useful to prevent children from getting too lazy. A study in the village a few years ago revealed that, in our country, one in 10 children between 4 and 6 years of age still used the stroller, limiting their natural growth path and their autonomy. It is therefore right that, at some point, this precious tool is put in the cellar. 

Choosing the stroller: what characteristics it must have

Wheels: 3 or 4

Until a few years ago, strollers were practically all the same. Today they differ a lot from each other and the choice can therefore vary. The most classic model is the 4-wheeled one which guarantees versatility and great stability. Generally the wheels are swivel and allow you to move easily even on uneven ground or with steps. However, if you are looking for something with a more modern design, you can opt for a 3-wheel model. Generally, they are agile and snappy and suitable for those who love the outdoors and sport. The defect? They are bulkier than 4-wheelers. 


This is a key feature when choosing a stroller. The difference is made by the frame, that is the supporting structure of this object. The current materials are lighter than those of the past, but it is not taken for granted that the stroller has a "feather weight". The alternative therefore is to choose between the range of so-called light or ultralight ones that are easier to transport and drive. However, they are less suitable for unpaved terrain and are often very "minimal" and not particularly comfortable for the child, which is of primary importance. 


Closely related to weight, this aspect is also very important when choosing the stroller. That is, you have to evaluate whether, for example, the model you like fits in the trunk of your car or in the elevator. The dimensions must therefore be considered both with the stroller open and closed. It is useless to fall in love with a product that doesn't fit in the car or gets stuck in the lift. The best way not to go wrong? Try it out, so you don't get any surprises. Generally speaking, lightweight strollers are also smaller in size and easier to carry. 


There are various ways. Book-style: the frame folds on itself at one point, reducing depth and height. It is the most common type and is quite comfortable. Umbrella: in this case, the frame is reduced in width and height, while the depth increases. Typical of light and ultralight strollers. Packet: similar to the book, it allows the stroller to fold in two points, reducing the size. 3D folding: as the name suggests, all three dimensions of the stroller are reduced and it becomes extremely compact. Perfect closure for those who travel a lot, especially by plane. 

Shock Absorbers 

Let's be clear: a poorly cushioned stroller is not comfortable for the child at all. Just imagine the backlash if you hit a pothole on the sidewalk (which is anything but rare in our cities) or take a walk on a country road. When you decide to buy your stroller, therefore, make sure that it is equipped with an excellent shock absorber system. The front and rear wheels must have good suspension and must not be too small or too hard. Better to prefer large ones.

Facing the mother or facing the world

Reversibility, i.e. the ability to change the side the baby faces, is another feature to keep in mind when buying a stroller. When the child is very young, he needs eye contact with the person who takes him for a walk. As he grows up he is instead attracted to what surrounds him. That is the time to turn the stroller on the frame and allow your child to visually explore the world around him. Not all strollers offer this possibility which must therefore be verified according to the model. 


Fruit juice, snacks, sweat, regurgitation. The "attacks" on the upholstery of the stroller are many. It is therefore a priority that the fabrics are removable and washable. Many can be washed in the washing machine, while others need to be hand washed. To ensure maximum comfort for the little one, the backrest and seat fabrics must be padded. But not only. The other very important quality is that they are breathable because, in the summer, children sweat a lot. And speaking of coverings: that of the canopy must protect from the sun with a very high filter.  


It is clear that the economic aspect must also be considered in the overall evaluation of the product to be purchased. Depending on the budget you have available, you will choose one stroller rather than another. It is clear that, as in all things, a higher price is synonymous with higher quality, strength and durability. Also evaluate the options that you will have or not supplied, such as the storage bag, the rain cover, the parasol. It is not said that they are included in the price, so it is always better to inquire well.

We recommend: Bugaboo Bee 6, the city stroller

Very comfortable, handy, modern, smart. Dear mothers, if you are looking for a stroller that embodies these characteristics, the Bugaboo Bee 6 is the one for you. Two models are proposed: the one with carrycot and seat (ideal from birth up to 4 years) and the stroller (indicated from 6 months or from birth with the special baby carrier always up to 4 years). There are three color combinations available: yellow and black, all black or mélange gray.

Let's see the main advantages of the Bugaboo Bee 6: 

  • Compact: this stroller closes very easily with one hand, which is of vital importance for a mother, considering the amount of things we always carry around. The Bugaboo Bee 6 has an integrated kickstand that allows you to store it neatly in any corner at home or on the go. 
  • Easy to maneuver: the wheels are anti-puncture and large, so as to absorb bumps and jolts, reducing the sources of disturbance for the child. The ultra-modern suspension allows for a smooth ride, even with one hand only. The not bulky dimensions of the stroller allow you to move with sprint in the city, even using public transport. 
  • Very comfortable: the Bugaboo Bee 6 can be used immediately in both versions. It guarantees maximum protection thanks to a rotating handle and a new hood that protects the child from the sun's rays very effectively. The seat is covered with a modern and performing fabric for better air circulation.
  • Optional: in addition to the basic model, you can choose from a wide range of optional products. They range from the sleeping bag and the upholstery for the wool seat to the changing bag, from the cup holder to the platform for the second child. 

Like all Bugaboo models, the latter can also be purchased as a complete modular system or trio by adding the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna car seat and its adapters, which can be purchased separately. 

The novelties of the new model

Compared to the Bugaboo Bee 5, the Bugaboo Bee 6 has some new features: 

  • Hood: has a small window to always have a look at the baby and a "breezy" panel for ventilation.
  • Wheels: The cushioning mechanism of these large (7-inch) wheels has been improved, reaching even higher quality standards.
  • Rotating handle: it is a “new entry” of the Bugaboo Bee 6. It guarantees support and protection and closes together with the stroller.
  • Integrated kickstand: allows the stroller to stand up by itself wherever it is.
  • Spacecraft: it was designed for the first few months. This too has a “breezy” window, improved buttons to unlock it with one hand and taller adapters. 

Try it for 100 days 

Bugaboo offers an interesting opportunity to its customers. If you buy a stroller and any accessories from the company's website, you can try it out and, if you are not satisfied, return it for free within 100 days. You will be refunded 100%. 

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