Strollers and cribs: what to do with them when they are no longer needed

Reading the title of the post maybe you will be there asking: “Why, I don't even have started a buy all that me need for the child and I already have to think to how disguise? ". Well let's say there you will notice soon to like some objects, dresses, games really have "vita" very short in the first months of a neonate and how they are the same indispensabili. So, unless you have already done so appeal to the "I lends la cousin sister aunt”, Or don't be at the search of another child in the next future, here are some advice on how resell, recycle, give away o save.

The first thing that you will come in mind when the little one will start to grow up and you will find yourself with theencumbrance area of baby cot (where it no longer enters) or "bodini”Where he can no longer even put a braccio, will be: and now where do I put them on? The solutions are aunt.

They range from the now very numerous community online they also have sections dedicated to Parents that they want sell o buy objects used, but in good condizioni and where the moms and Pope post the photo of objects, sometimes even in gift, just for free home. And you get to the sites of ads online, some free, others with little ones "get sick" from pay in case of sale.

These are the mode traditional. And in these cases the advice main is to do many photo, give a Description very detailed what you want sell, make sure that theobject in question (passeggino, baby cot, clothes, toys, sterilizer, etc) is in good condition condizioni and finally try to find a buyer in his own area / city to avoid i Costi additional of the shipment.

What if we wanted to try something instead different? In addition to the markets and shops dedicated to objects second hand where you can to leave what you want to get rid of "in tale sale"(Ie without receive un payment except when it actually comes sold), a'alternative to be evaluated is that of throw yourself in "market of the pieces di replacement".

If to sell a passeggino whole can be difficult, for the cost, but also for the distrust of those who want to have a object new for little one, there are many parents who are looking for a piece to replace quello Broken. And sometimes i pieces di replacement new and original they really cost so much.

Why not then put in sale a pair di wheels, a hood, a cloth anti-mosquito footboard for the second son. You might discover that so the figure total collection yes will approach o exceed for example that of passeggino. Then go ahead to the Shopping in the two directions!

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