Summer formal dresses for pregnancy

Maternity dresses for a summer ceremony

It is summer, you are pregnant and you have received an invitation for a wedding or a baptism. Which dress to wear? If you are magroline and you are in the early months of pregnancy, your body shapes probably won't have changed much.

Maybe you're still wearing yours usual sizeHowever, your breasts may already be more prosperous and if you wear tight pants they may start to bother you. Better to choose a light dress with soft shapes. With a beautiful neckline, perhaps with shoulder pads, to show an envious décolleté, and without elastic or strings on the abdomen.

It's important do not squeeze on the belly also because maybe after eating some delicacies from the buffet you might immediately feel swollen and a suit or trousers that are too tight could become unbearable.


Maternity summer formal wear | PHOTO

The right clothes to attend a ceremony in the summer when you are expecting a baby

If you are more forward in pregnancy dresses that show off the baby bump are perfect. An enveloping sheath dress that emphasizes the shapes and accompanies the belly or a classic empire-style dress, with a strap under the breast.

La summer maternity fashion offers many short dresses: feminine and seductive, they uncover the legs highlighting the belly.

If you are a bit into overweightHowever, a short dress may not make you feel comfortable. No fear. Long and elegant dresses not only hide a few extra pounds well, but are also feminine and always have a great visual impact.

In this gallery a selection of formal dresses for the summer.

We range from short dresses like this colorful and summery short dress by Sara - Menonove with a bandeau top and layered skirt, to long dresses, like this beautiful dress by Sara - Menonove that can also be worn with flat shoes.

Going through longuette sheath dresses like this Seraphine in black and pearl and delicate ruffles on the hips and sleeves help to enhance the silhouette with extreme taste and elegance. A style a sheath to wrap the body and emphasize the shapes in the right places.

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In this gallery we propose 4 different maternity looks for ceremonies; dress, shoes and all the accessories needed to feel elegant and fashion on the occasion of a special day. From the ensemble with lace that never sets, sensual and that adapts to the shape of the body to a more comfortable look with bright and warm colors that match the summer season.

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