Summer holidays: where to go with the baby bump

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Summer holidays where to go with the baby bump

It is appropriate to say "tell me what month you are and I'll tell you where you will go". If you are pregnant and you are thinking about where to spend your holidays and you ask yourself a thousand questions, you need to know that depending on the month of pregnancy you are in there are some precautions to follow to choose your destinations. So here are some tips on destinations. ideals and how to travel comfortably and safely.

Travel during pregnancy during the first trimester

If you are at the beginning of the pregnancy you may feel tired or nauseous or on the contrary, be in good shape. In the first months, avoid too long journeys, especially by car, which can cause spontaneous abortions. Of course, don't bring too heavy suitcases, or if you can't do without it, ask for help to your companions, you have to take advantage of some advantages that you have when you are expecting a baby.

Also to avoid being too much under the sun.

Holidays from pregnant to the eighth month

Once the first three months, the most difficult ones, have been overcome, in the second quarter they are suitable for holidays: the dolce far niente, the walks, swimming and some visits to friends and relatives. If, on the other hand, you have entered the third quarter and are in excellent health, relaxing holidays are preferable, because fatigue begins to be felt.

Starting fromeighth month instead opt for holidays at home or at the most in the pool, near the hospital or clinic where you have decided to give birth, to be immediately ready at the time of delivery

Summer vacation in pregnancy

In general, for those who wonder if it is better to spend their holidays in the mountains or by the pool, the answer is: both destinations! Indeed the sea and the Swimmingpool are ideal during pregnancy, as a woman can practice the swimming during all 9 months.

However, pay attention to the water temperature and to don't make too much effort. So if you already had the idea of ​​sailing or surfing in your mind, put it directly on the "oblivion".

Even lovers of mountain they will be able to continue to take walks in contact with nature, paying attention, also in this case, to the efforts and not to climb to more than 2000 meters of altitude. Of course, climbing etc. is also to be avoided.

Holidays abroad pregnant

For those who dream of a Trip abroad, it is possible, but in this case the precautions are greater: find out about the diseases against which to guard against because some vaccines are contraindicated during pregnancy. In any case, ask your doctor for advice. Attention also to the time zone. And once you get there, beware of the water you drink, the insects and what you eat above all.

Destinations for a pregnant vacation

The best destinations for a baby bump vacation must have these characteristics:

  • be comfortably reachable: even the plane is fine as long as you don't have to make too many stopovers, you don't travel at awkward times and in tiring conditions,
  • be secure: nearby hospitals, good health care, excellent hygienic conditions and absence of epidemics or endemic diseases,
  • climate comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold.

So starting from these premises, go ahead for comfortable hotels, directly on the beach, where you can walk and enjoy the early morning sun and then relax in the hotel. Or the perfect mountain structures with Spa where you can devote yourself to your beauty and take walks immersed in nature.

Winter holidays in pregnancy

If you lovehigh mountain and you do not want to give up your white week, even this year, you must first talk to your doctor: spending long periods at high altitude can increase the risk of placenta previa, hypertension and preeclampsia and for this reason it is essential to do some checks before leaving.

In any case, when you arrive in the mountains it is important to give your body time to get used to it before doing some sporting or more strenuous activity.

However, winter is the best time to visit European cities like Barcelona or Paris.

Babymoon in el Paese

In the United States they call it BabyMoon, a honeymoon to be experienced in full romance during pregnancy, before being dragged into the whirlwind of post-partum. In fact, the characteristics for a real Honeymoon are all there: rest, pampering, relaxation.

Several hotels and accommodation facilities in the country have decided to ride this trend imported from the States and to offer special Baby Moon packages which include, in many cases, access to the SPA, wellness packages, candlelit dinners and other services of this kind. .

Where to go, then, for a romantic Baby Moon?

  • In farmhouse, where you can spend a few days in close contact with nature;
  • in one of the historic villages of the country walking through the narrow streets of the center and eating good things;
  • in a hotel with wellness center, for maximum relaxation.

Holidays in pregnancy at the 5th month

Past the first trimester, often characterized by nagging disorders of early pregnancy and nausea, the second trimester is certainly the best time to treat yourself to one holiday. The baby bump is not too bulky yet and feels in great shape.

You can still take the plane with peace of mind and perhaps go to an exotic destination, always after asking your gynecologist for advice.

Holidays in pregnancy at the 7th month

Arrived at seventh month we enter the third quarter: the belly is starting to be more evident, but it still does not feel excessively heavy. At this moment we can treat ourselves to a relaxing holiday in a farmhouse, in a city of art or in a hotel with a swimming pool where you can swim that makes us feel lighter.

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