Sweet and savory recipes for Mother's Day

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Recipes for Mother's Day

In view of Mother's Day, children prepare greeting cards, perhaps some work done with their own hands or think about which gift to buy together with their father to celebrate their mother on the day dedicated to her. First of all: when is Mother's Day? Every year this anniversary is celebrated the second Sunday of May and one of the jewelry of the little ones is to imitate the grown-ups: being able to put their hands in the dough to prepare a special menu for Mother's Day will not seem real to them. So here are some ideas of Recipes for Mother's Day, for a delicious lunch that they can cook together with their father.

Once children are gifted with a beautiful apron and you with a lot of patience will be very fun to watch them at work in the kitchen!


It's easy to make tasty appetizers, here are some ideas.

  • Stuffed puff pastry carrots

While the dad will be struggling with the mixer to make the filling, leave the children the task of creating the carrots, maybe the final result will not be perfect but they will certainly have a lot of fun!

First courses for Mother's Day

Some ideas for romantic and tasty first courses for mom.

  • Ricotta Gnocchi

How first course a nice idea, also suitable for children are the Ricotta gnocchi, delicate and simple, your children can have fun making dough sausages which they will then reduce into many small gnocchi. The recipe is simple and does not require too much effort.

  • Swallow's nests

The swallow's nests are a simple dish to make but with a great scenographic effect. They are a first course of fresh egg pasta, filled with cooked ham, mushrooms, cheese and bechamel. Great to eat and very beautiful to look at.

  • Venus rice and fish arancini

A revisited and decidedly modern recipe for arancini. The arancini of Venere rice and fish that are made with black rice, a fine quality of grains known in China for centuries with a very particular aroma that recalls the fragrance of freshly baked bread and goes very well with fish. The filling is made with shrimp, scampi and mullet, with the addition of peas that make up the rich filling of the arancini.

Second courses

second? Well we can think of simple and traditional recipes or something different.

  • Baked meatballs

It is impossible not to prepare the dish that everyone is crazy about, not just children! The Meatballs! You can decide to bake them, so they will be lighter, and accompany them with salad. Do you want to have that lust for children to sink your little hands into this soft dough and form many small meatballs just like their mother does? Also in this case, fun and goodness are certain!

But you can also prepare very tasty unique dishes.

  • Spelled crepes with caponatina

A recipe prepared with certified organic products rich in fiber and low in fat, as well as being combined together to create a truly unique dish.

A dish characterized by a perfect food combination, starting from the dough of the crepes, prepared with wholemeal spelled flour, a food rich in fiber that is important for protecting the intestine and flour 0, not very refined, therefore with a low glycemic index. For the filling, on the other hand, artichokes, with their purifying and diuretic properties, help eliminate waste and fat; raisins are a precious ingredient because they slightly sweeten and are able to reduce the sense of hunger, while pine nuts are rich in vitamin E and have a strong antioxidant power.

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Sweets for Mother's Day

How Dolce we offer you some simple recipes or a cake.

  • Yogurt cups

It is delicious Yogurt cups with berries. The realization is very simple, they are prepared quickly and it is not necessary to turn on the oven!

But this too is delicious cake for Mother's Day by Benedetta Parodi, an exquisite sponge cake with berries. The complete recipe is on the site

And again, some ideas for desserts to celebrate mom.

  • Puff pastry roses and apples

Roses are a symbol of love and sweetness to celebrate traditional mothers, who will certainly like this bouquet of puff pastry roses and apples for Mother's Day. The roses are small sweets that are very quick to make, simply by obtaining strips of puff pastry to be brushed with peach jam and lined with thin slices of apples.

  • Cupcake with roses

These are delicious and fluffy vanilla flavored cupcakes, topped with candy pink icing that also has little marzipan roses on it.

Roses can be made at home or, for those who are unfamiliar or short on time, they can be purchased ready-made. Ready-made waffles are also fine and will only be decorated.

  • Flower tart

A delicious tart with custard very easy to prepare at home. You can prepare cream and shortcrust pastry at home or you can also use a ready-made shortcrust pastry, the important thing is to have flower-shaped molds to then cover the tart.

Menu for Mother's Day by Benedetta Parodi

In his television kitchen Benedetta Parodi prepare simple menus and recipes every day to make in a few minutes. And she also proposed an entire menu for Mother's Day. The menu is made up of fillets encore, crepes lasagna, vegetable au gratin, sponge cake with berries, pureed green beans and almonds.

All the videos of the recipes on his site.

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