Swelling and varicose veins in pregnancy: what to do

Swelling in the legs in pregnancy

During pregnancy there are many disorders that can appear. The varicose or varicose veins they are veins that get sick, dilate and instead of helping the blood to go up to the heart, they make it stagnate and appear as bluish cords under the skin.

They typically appear on the legs starting on second quarter or if the mother has gained a lot of weight, even earlier; normally they are accompanied by a sensation of heaviness and swelling of the legs. Of course, some factors can worsen the disorder or favor its onset: for example, if the woman stands a long time, if she is exposed to the sun for too long, etc ...

Theinheritance: in fact, if the woman in the family already has cases of varicose veins or circulation disorders, the risk of suffering from them in turn will be higher. It would therefore be useful to visit the angiologist to assess the situation e possibly initiate preventive care.

Veins especially in pregnancy tend to swell due to the highs hormone levels which added to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle worsen the situation. To counteract the disorder, the specialist may recommend phlebotonic, ie drugs that fortify the venous walls or advise them graduated elastic stockings which contain in a differentiated way ankle, calf and thigh.


Disorders of pregnancy: a remedy for everyone

Back pain, swollen legs, heartburn and many others. Here are the safe remedies for the most common ailments of pregnancy

When you feel heaviness in the legs, resting with the legs slightly raised by a pillow placed under the mattress at the height of the feet can help to relieve the discomfort..

Remedies and precautions

There are simple exercises to combat swollen legs and avoid or reduce the onset of varicose veins. Let's see what they are A daily walk, in the morning, lasting about twenty minutes, helps to keep fit until the evening;

  • Lie down on a carpet and do the classic "pedal" with your legs, until you begin to feel a little tired;
  • if you do not feel like exercising, when you feel your legs are tired, sit down and lean them on a table, in order to keep them up
  • If you have ailments avoid crossing the legs because this position hinders the reflux of blood;
  • In the evening it can give relief by massaging the legs with slow and light movements, starting from the ankle to the calf to reach the thigh, perhaps combining the massage with a cream recommended by the specialist;
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  • Relief will also be given by showers or cold water sponges made starting from the foot and going up to the knee
  • Taking a bath with a spoonful of baking soda, which has an anti-fatigue action, can also help;
  • Always wear comfortable shoes, with a wide plant and a heel no higher than 4 cm; if you choose special orthopedic shoes for pregnancy it will be even better and your legs and feet will thank you
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