Tales: how a flower is born

    Tales: how a flower is born

    It is 19:30 pm on September 9, 2008. It is a very hot day and I'm tired because I'm 40 + 4 weeks pregnant, the due date for the birth was 5 September. I continue to work because I have my own business but in the last few days it is really difficult because the energies are running out.
    I go home, my husband and I have dinner and we keep wondering when the right time will come and, above all, IF it will ever come because I have lost hope!
    I sit on the sofa, open the pc and write some emails. Suddenly I feel a strange sensation of "wet", so I go to the bathroom and I realize that I am losing a few drops of water. I leave the bathroom and say to my husband "Maybe we are, I think the waters are breaking." He clicks and asks me "Are you sure ????", I point out that I am dripping more and more copiously and for sure I am not peeing on him, he panics, I remain very calm but I can not take a walk because I lose more and more liquid, so I stand in the middle of the living room while he throws some Scottex on the ground to collect the water, it makes me laugh!

    We decide to take it easy, I don't have contractions yet, I 'm very good.
    We take a shower, take the last things and around 23:30 pm we head towards the hospital.
    The midwives are not particularly happy to see us ... the delivery rooms are full and there is a bit of confusion. After a while they visit me, the dilation is not even a finger, in the meantime the contractions begin, but not too strong.
    They put me in a room in the ward and send my husband home.
    I try to sleep but I immediately realize that it will not be easy because the contractions are more and more intense and painful, in fact I do not close my eyes.
    Around four o'clock a midwife visits me, says that I am dilated by just one centimeter, she adjusts the monitoring and in the meantime she begins to tell me about her marriage ... I would kill her because I am getting sicker and worse and I would just like to be silently squatting on the bed .

    In the morning I am still there, the gynecologist visits me, I am in the throes of strong contractions, he says I am four centimeters, he calls the delivery room and says "I'll send the lady down because she is in trouble in my office!".
    My husband arrives, we go to the delivery room and I think I can't last more than an hour.
    It's about ten in the morning.
    At two in the afternoon I am still there, still 4 centimeters, two midwives massage my back, one sprays the Rescue Remedy in my mouth (!), The other massages my head with a device, I would like to kill her but I don't dare to tell her .. .
    My husband tells me "relax" and I almost eat it!

    We try them all, in the shower, sitting on the ball ... nothing.
    Four-legged on the horse ... nothing.
    Back on the ball but out of the water ... nothing.
    The afternoon arrives, they tell me that the situation is not moving and that they send me back to the ward ... ARE WE CRAZY ??????????????
    I say it doesn't exist, my husband takes the gynecologist aside and tells him that I won't move from there. The very idea of ​​being in the room with people around makes me crazy.

    So luckily they agree to leave me there but I come abandoned because there are other women in labor and I do not give any signs of imminent birth...
    I stay with my husband whose arm I squeeze with each contraction.
    I repeatedly ask for an epidural but the midwives say that no, it is not the time, that I go to the caesarean if I do it ....... BALLE!
    Finally at around 20 pm a gynecologist arrives and points out to the midwives that I am exhausted, I have been in labor for too many hours and I have no strength left. The dilation is always only 4 centimeters.
    He says to have an epidural but the midwives continue to stall, I would like to kill them.

    We insist on having it and FINALLY at 20:30 pm they do it to me, in two seconds I pass from hell to heaven.
    All the pain goes away, I feel like I'm in Hawaii on the beach.
    I start texting, I call my parents, I can't stop talking and I cry with joy.
    I am so relaxed in the dim light, sipping some hot tea, just my husband and I.
    After about two hours they visit me, I say that I would like another dose because I want to rest a little longer but the midwife informs me that (miracle !!!!) I'm dilated by 10 centimeters, here we go!

    The epidural favored dilation because I relaxed completely while before each contraction I stiffened.
    We work hard, me, my husband and two midwives, I sit on the Dutch chair (a low stool with a central hole) and start to push. I feel the still weak contractions from the epidural remnants.
    After about an hour still nothing, a gynecologist arrives who makes me get up from the Dutch chair because she says that too much pressure is created on the genitals and she notices too much swelling. I a little complain because I was fine there. They try to put me on the bed lying down but it's a disaster.
    The older midwife tells me "crouch down with you on the edge of the bed", I don't want to but I try.
    I keep myself on the edge of the bed, on the other side is my husband who gives me his arm to cling to him and looks me in the face. I'm squatting with my knees bent, one push ... try again, two pushes, you can see the hair (it's black!), Three pushes ... I feel my head come out, the midwife says "call the pediatrician, here we go" , then they say to me "now don't push anymore, don't push anymore" ....... I try but it's hard ... a few seconds and I hear a "little fish" slip out ......... .. DAISY IS BORN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

    It is 00:44 on September 11, 2008.

    I turn around and see her, our love, our little girl. They pass it to me wrapped in a green cloth, I don't know how to take it, they tell me "cover her, don't make her get cold", but I'm on tilt. I take it and pass it to my husband, I look at her .... she has wide eyes and an astonished face, she seems to want to say "Who are you? What am I doing here?". She doesn't cry even for a moment, she continues to hold her fists tight and her eyes wide open with an expression so tender and sweet that she still has today.
    My husband cuts the cord and goes away with her and the pediatrician for the visit.
    I stay there for the delivery of the placenta which happens immediately.
    I am full of adrenaline, happy, excited

    My husband is back with Margherita, she is beautiful. Full of black hair, all pink. She weighs 3,450 Kg.

    Let's go to the bedroom alone, she's in the nursery. They say they'll bring it to me later.
    My husband goes home, it's about three in the morning and he is exhausted, more tired than me because I have the adrenaline in my body that makes me awake.

    I remain alone and after an hour they bring me my baby girl. They washed her, dressed her in a nice onesie and put oil on her head making her the "banana" with her hair. Her cheeks are full and rosy and she sleeps blissfully. I think it's a miracle, that life is truly amazing.

    Here, this was my birth. Long, painful but awesome.
    This is how my Margherita, my flower, was born

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