Tenth month of the baby


  • 1 Communicative development
  • 2 Motor development
  • 3 Sensory development

The baby is nine months old, the time he lived in the world now is as much as the time he lived in the womb, and as in the mother's womb he has grown so amazingly that he becomes a baby ready to be born, so in these first nine months of life has transformed in an impressive way: the small and inert infant has become a child who crawls, plays, communicates.

Communicative development

Through lallation he explores sounds, and thanks to the fact that he absorbs everything we say, precisely during this tenth month he becomes capable of saying “Mom”. At first it will seem like a sound that came out randomly thanks to the lallation, but you will soon find that she is calling you using this name. "Mom" is his first word (it usually is in almost all cases), and if your baby is a precocious child in language, using the pattern acquired with the word mother and with the discovery that words awaken a system attention and alarm in the adult, soon he will begin to say other little words, such as "tit", "pappa", "no" and "da".

The tenth month is also the period in which the baby shows a great interest and a great confidence in his own reflection in the mirror. Between 5 and 6 months he had begun to recognize the reflected image of loved ones: standing in your arms, he alternately looked at your face and your reflected image, deriving great pleasure from them. Now he plays with his image, touches it, kisses it, smiles. 

Motor development

He continues to crawl with great confidence, but now he manages to pull himself up by holding on to a handhold, thus putting himself on his feet, and then carefully returns to sit down and resume crawling. 

Standing up and crawling, he builds the motor pattern necessary to start climbing: if there are steps in the house he will climb them with great enthusiasm, but it will be enough to put a large, slightly stiff pillow on the ground, that the baby will still be satisfied and yes it will take to go up… but not to go down! He still doesn't know how to do it, and you will have to help him, rushing to get him when he sends you that request.

Sensory development

From now on you will realize every day more than just how important it is to prepare a safe environment, full of answers to the evolutionary needs of your baby, but safe and free of hindering elements: the baby up to 7 months is static, he is in his arms of mum and dad or sitting in his soft corner, he does not pose the problem of the ornaments placed on the low shelves of the bookcase, of the crystal table, of the glass bottles placed at his height; the moment he begins to crawl, and then stands up and finally climbs, he will make you understand which objects cannot be left at his disposal, because they are dangerous or because they are important to you. The secret is to leave at a child's height only what is suitable for him, and which can therefore be reached, taken, manipulated, explored in many different ways, brought to the mouth, to stimulate the senses and the sensorial perception that is being refined. increasingly.

Educating the little one not to touch and not to take is almost impossible, it goes against the nature of the mind and body of the child, who in order to discover and know needs to take possession of what he finds, manipulate it and finally bring it to the mouth, performing an action. of knowledge of the world that is based on a cyclical relationship that begins with grasping and culminates with the act of bringing the object of his "study" to his mouth, which is not a cold and arid study, but full of joy and passion, completely bodily. Frustrating this biological tendency of his means not understanding the deep nature of the child, and by pretending to force it we undermine the trust he has in us, in himself and in the environment. We will raise a happy child and live in harmony if, instead of wanting to adapt the child to our needs, we prepare an environment suitable for him, suitable for children.

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