The 10 most beautiful names of January saints to give to boys and girls

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Holy names of January

Choosing the name of your children is always difficult: you have to come to an agreement and often even relatives want to put their mouth to it. There are those who opt for a common name, those who choose a foreign one, those who still honor the memory of those who are no longer there. If, on the other hand, you are among those who want to be inspired by the month of birth, here is the list of the best ones holy names of January

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Born in January

Born in winter it may seem bad because it is cold, the days are short, in reality it is a nice advantage because the heat is very disturbing Infants and new mothers. In addition, there is an excuse to stay at home and not have to see many people, which is generally appreciated by new parents! If your child was born in January, you can choose a winter name or one dedicated to the saints. 

Saints of the month of January

I saints of the month of January there are many, in addition to those in the calendar. Some have very strange names, perhaps because they are foreigners, or because they are saints from very distant times, even before Christ. However, we have identified 10 beautiful names to give to babies

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Female names of January saints

It is not easy to choose i most beautiful names of the saints which are celebrated in the month of January but we tried. Here are five that you can choose for yours girls

  • Elizabeth: it is celebrated on January 4 and it was an American woman who, widow and with 5 children, founded the Sisters of St. Joseph, an order that deals with the sick and education
  • Amelia: celebrated on January 5, she was the aunt of Pope San Gregorio Magno, daughter of Santa Silvia and virgin
  • Nora: she is celebrated on 11 January as Saint Honored of Pavia, virgin, sister of Saint Epifanio
  • White: it is celebrated on January 14, virgin, who lived in the thirteenth century
  • Priscilla: it is celebrated on January 16, its origin is not certain but it probably refers to a Roman matron who would have hosted St. Peter in her villa in the city

Male names of saints of January

If instead you wait for a little boy, also in this case the cute names are not lacking. Here are the five we have selected: 

  • Danilo: it is celebrated on January 3, it is inspired by San Daniele of Padua, martyr during the persecution of Diocletian
  • Edward: it is celebrated on January 5th, patron saint of kings, of difficult marriages, of separated spouses and for a period patron saint of England
  • Sebastian: it is celebrated on January 20, martyr of the city at the time of Diocletian
  • Valerio: it is celebrated on January 29, bishop of Ravenna (in reality San Valerio in January is also celebrated on 10, 22 and 28)
  • John: it is celebrated on January 31 and is one of the most loved saints, Don Bosco, founder of the Salesians and of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. 

January it is a month in which saints are celebrated with beautiful names, you just have to choose the one for your son or daughter! And if by any chance he is late ... take a look at the names of the February saints!

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