The 15 most annoying smells in pregnancy

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Odors in pregnancy

During the pregnancy we know that due to the action of hormones (mainly estrogen), expectant mothers become particularly sensitive to smells and tastes. And there is no shortage of surprises: often a dish that was very popular until before pregnancy now seems to have become disgusting. And even the most unexpected smells become unpleasant.

The first trimester is the worst time: especially if you suffer from nausea most of the smells will become a real stink


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So here are 15 smells to stay away from during pregnancy

  • Fish

whether cooked or raw, fish becomes a real enemy! It doesn't matter if you were a lover of fish dishes before. Now just passing in front of a fish market will make you sick.

  • Raw meat

The sight of a raw steak can certainly be disgusting, but its smell can also be very unwelcome

  • eggs

even the smell of eggs, especially hard-boiled eggs, can be very annoying

  • Coffee

in the first three months the coffee can become unbearable. Not only does it become impossible to drink a cup, but also just to smell it. After the first three months, things should get better and you could go back to enjoying your cup of espresso

  • scents

stay away from perfumeries, that concentrate of mixed perfumes would annoy anyone, even those who are not expecting a child

  • Sweat

your senses sharpen and since you are pregnant you have a superhero sense of smell. And so not only will you be bothered by the stench of sweat of those who have exhausted themselves for hours in the gym, but also of a normal person who has put on deodorant only two hours before.

  • The poo of the child

you thought you got used to living with this stench of poop, after years of cleaning your firstborn's bottom and then keeping him company in the bathroom for at least twenty minutes. Instead now the stench of poo becomes really unbearable

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  • Food for dogs

Even if you don't have a dog, dog food, the one in the can, can cause you a real bout of unexpected nausea

  • Smoke

were you heavy smokers before pregnancy? Well if you don't know how to quit in nine months, just know that the smell of a lit cigarette will be really disgusting.

  • Pets

it doesn't matter if it's your beloved family dog ​​or cat or the elephant in the zoo. When a baby is expected, any animal is annoying

  • Paints and chemicals

any detergent or paint or product of this type becomes unbearable

  • Body odors

you can't suffer from body odors

  • The smell of your vagina

between small leaks and hormonal changes your vagina has a very characteristic and not very pleasant smell

  • The leather and the interior of the car

The smell of the car upholstery already annoys you, but if someone has also hidden one of those fragrant trees somewhere ...

  • Gasoline

strange because you've always liked the smell of petrol, but not now!

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