The anti cellulite tricks in pregnancy

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Anti cellulite tricks in pregnancy

Cellulite during pregnancy is one of those ailments that many women need to consider when expecting a baby. By gaining weight it is possible that, both on the legs and on other parts of the body, during the nine months of gestation, the annoying orange peel skin. How to get rid of cellulite in pregnancy, what are the remedies more effective?

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Its appearance also depends a lot on the age of the pregnant woman, as well as on an individual predisposition. Cellulite often arises as a result of bad circulationand and, during pregnancy in which various ailments are accused, the blood circulation of the body changes and worsens due to the overweight and fatigue of the woman who will therefore move even less and bad circulation will inevitably be favored. However, there are solutions to prevent and cure, here are some useful tips.

  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER- First of all remedies what harm to doctors and specialists is to drink lots of water. In fact, water fights water retention and swelling and therefore helps the blood to flow better as well as purifying the body. It is always better to choose a natural low-mineral mineral water low in salts, especially sodium promotes water retention. Every day you should drink about one and a half liters - two of water, especially not during meals.
  • LOOK AFTER YOUR POWER - As always it is an important factor for the health of our body and in particular during pregnancy. Always prefer some fruit to packaged foods. Usually one anti-cellulite diet it must be balanced, varied and with low in fat, also ideal during pregnancy and lactation. The consumption of cereals, fish and vegetables is also very important. A particular eye to dairy products so it is good not to overdo it, to some sugars and especially to the sale as they facilitate fluid retention.
  • MOVE - It may seem strange but even during pregnancy the body must exercise otherwise the recovery after childbirth will be very hard. The activities that can be done will obviously be sweet and the most suitable are those to do in the water such as swimming or yoga or gymnastics specially designed for pregnant women. Movement promotes good circulation and therefore limits the formation of cellulite.
  • STOP SMOKING - Smoking causes vasoconstriction (the blood capillaries shrink) and thus reduces the supply of oxygen to the cells, including those of the tissues of the legs. Furthermore, smoking during pregnancy damages not only our health, but also that of our child.
  • AVOID HIGH HEELS - Wear shoes with 3-4 centimeters heels. The higher ones make it difficult for blood and lymph to rise, thus slowing down the toxin drainage.
  • MASSAGES AND ANTI-CELLULITE CREAMS - Starting from the fourth month you can contact an expert beautician to start a cycle of lymphatic drainage treatments (such as mesotherapy or ultrasounds), which by pressing on the lymphatic nodes dissolve the adipose accumulations and reactivate the circulation. It is also useful to take a look at the homeopathic products (perhaps with the advice of a pharmacist) or in herbal medicine where you can find a wide choice of natural creams suitable for your problem.
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  • Do not be discouraged, there are, then, some anti-cellulite products designed especially for you. Unfortunately many anti-cellulite creams they contain substances that cannot be assimilated by the body because they are dangerous: the active ingredients of cosmetics that are absorbed can be harmful to the fetus, which they reach through the blood. Finally, above all, just after giving birth, our advice is to start using the appropriate creams consistently, at least in cycles of 1-2 months several times a year.
  • PREGNANT SLUDGE- As for the treatments with the anti cellulite mud, many experts advise against them during pregnancy, other specialists do not prohibit them, but recommend that you pay attention to which sludge you use and the amount of iodine declared, because if excessive they must be suspended. In any case, we always recommend consult a doctor before starting any treatment to fight cellulite in pregnancy
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