The beauty of being aunt

Becoming aunt

Dedicated to those who are about to become aunts ... and still do not know all the beauty that awaits them!

The beauty of being aunt

Uncles don't even remotely have the workload, fatigue and responsibility of new parents - they simply can enjoy their grandchildren, by which they are generally worshiped; the parents almost always appear "boring" and pain in the ass in comparison to the brilliant uncles!

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The aunt practices with the children 

Those who intend to have children sooner or later, with their grandchildren will be able to exercise without investing too much energy. It doesn't seem like it, but when you become a parent, being familiar with a series of daily issues is certainly not a weapon to be underestimated: managing a child it's much easier if we already know how to change a diaper, set up a routine or if we know all the funniest games for her age!

Special occasions to experience with grandchildren 

Uncles are usually invited to birthdays, baptisms and holy feasts. It is wonderful to give children gifts and to see their expression excited and happy to receive the very gift they so desired. At the same time it can be useful to parents: given the confidence, one can openly ask if there is a need for something special for the child.

The aunts are young again 

Being in contact with children reminds us the memories of our childhood, and it is wonderful, also because it is not just a question of thinking about them, but of reliving them: rediscovering the world, the power of play, the wonders of animals and nature. The uncles are in the perfect position to fully enjoy these moments, as they are exempt from the chores related to care (and the tiredness of sleepless nights!).

Aunt's babysitting 

A good idea is to offer to do by Babysitter, maybe for an hour or two once in a while: with the children you can do a lot of nice things, like having an ice cream, going to the rides or seeing a cartoon movie. At the same time, we will do our sister (or brother) a great favor and our bond will be strengthened.

Play with children 

Children make us rediscover a playful dimension that perhaps we had forgotten over the years: going to the park, sitting on the grass and blowing soap bubbles. Have fun in a natural history museum or theme park. If we live close to our grandchildren and are able to see them often, our free time will have a new flavor!

Tips for being a super aunt

Is there a recipe or instruction booklet to be the perfect aunt for both grandchildren and mom? Actually no! The secret is to always be yourself, have fun with your grandchildren and spend quality time with them, without forgetting to help your mother when she needs it.

The aunt becomes a confidant

Both when the children are still small and even more so when they are teenagers struggling with their first, real problems, the aunt can be a very important family resource. You are not a parent, you can accept confidences without making judgments, you can offer advice dictated by common sense and experience and at the same time can represent a very important trait d'union between children and parents.

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