The benefits of being a single mom

The benefits of being a single mom

What it's like to be a single mom

Being a single mom is tiring and difficult, both as a mom and as a woman.

Loneliness, responsibility, fears of having to raise children alone, perhaps after a difficult divorce, are feelings that are difficult to deal with and that every day push us to question ourselves and to fight with the sense of guilt and sense. of inadequacy.

But there are also some single moms looking to see the silver lining of this condition and to list the advantages of being a single mother.

For example, Gwen Hutching on Unomum wrote a post a few months ago to photograph the advantages of being a single mom.

Among the positive sides of this condition there is undoubtedly the fact that living alone, you make your own rules. "Your house, your rules," Gwen writes. A principle that applies to many aspects of daily life.

The bedroom can be female, with pink or lilac linen, and furnished with a romantic taste that would hardly be pleasing to a man.

You can eat a slice of pizza for dinner or prepare a sophisticated dinner when you want and at what time you want. No pretense of playing the role of the sexy and very good housewife in the kitchen. You eat when you want, what you want. And sometimes you don't even eat.

And always speaking of dinner. Yup it eats WHERE you want. In bed in front of a movie, on the sofa, on the floor with a tablecloth spread out on the floor to simulate a picnic with the children. 

My house, my rules.


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And speaking of TV, Gwen writes

You will never have to see another Steven Seagal movie again. Never.

Gwen also makes a quick calculation that leads her to say that as a single mom you practically win 12 and a half weeks old:

Let's say it takes 1 hour to do the linen, with a load of linen for her husband. If you calculate one load of laundry every week for 40 years, you've just added 2.080 hours to your life. Almost 12 and a half weeks, enough time to enjoy 6 holidays.

There is no shortage of advantages in the cleaning of the House. The toilet will always be clean and the toilet seat will always be in place. You no longer have to clean urine droplets scattered on the floor around the toilet every time. Of course, if you have a male child, you will need to intervene: but growing up in a house with only women you will immediately take action by immediately teaching him how to pee without getting everything around wet.

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A few other advantages can also be added to this list.

For example the pomeriggio together with the children after school you do what you want: you go to the park or go for a walk and maybe stop at a pizzeria for dinner before returning home. All on the footprint, without having to agree with anyone else.

And also the holidays. They choose independently: where, when, for how long.

What do you think of it? What are the benefits of being a single mom?
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