The best and most comfortable positions to breastfeed the baby

by the AllattAmore staff

Le better locations to breastfeed al breast your child they can be dozens and all very personal. L'nursing it's a time of your own. Nothing has to come between you and the little one. Look at it in the eyessmile at him, talk to him: yours bond it will become (if this is possible) even more unique e special. But to make that happen, you have to breastfeed comfortably e serenely.

The ideal is choose An environment still e comfortable for both. Sure, in some situations you may happen to breastfeed even in places crowded, but if you can try to stay quiet. At first you will need some time to familiarize yourself with the feedings, but it will take very little to become real experts!

Le positions they must be comode for both. Some of you will prefer to stay sessions, maybe with one stool under the feet. You can try the pillows for the 'nursing: you can lay down the small and have the hands free, maybe to make one call or sip one tisane (the'nursingoften causes the mother a great deal sete). Be careful that yours back is well supported.

There are those who love instead breastfeed while he is lying down on its side. The notte if you practice the co-sleeping (i.e. the neonate sleeps in Latvian) or if you have had a Caesarean section. Or much more simply it is the way you find more comfortable: the position perfect does not exist, each has its own.

The important thing is that the bimbo stick so correct: the mouth must contain not only the nipple, but also a good part ofmammary areola, especially the part lower. The chin will be resting on breast and forehead of the child facing up to allow him to breathe.

Un child which is attached male to the breast located difficulties to receive the XNUMX cups milk and it could be some time attached al breast, moreover a attack incorrect may cause pain ai nipples.

A correct position breast makes the baby more easy to attack and minimizes the difficulties of breastfeeding, determining, indeed, the success!

There is not need to wash i nipples before each breastfeeding with soaps or other products: you could damage the skin and alter yours odor, which attracts the little one towards the otherwise.

If you have losses of milk, used towels o cups washable of cotton, to be changed frequently, not to get in the way the physiological transpiration area of  cute of nipple and avoid irritations.

NB: breastfeeding does not cause pain and the nipple must not make a callus!

If you try pain and found difficulties in management certainly there is something wrong with breastfeeding, possibly it is simply a incorrect attack breast.

Ask one for help professional lactation consultant (ibclc) or to one voluntary area of  Milk League, All 'obstetrician of the clinic or alle peer in your area or athospital in which you have given birth, if any Figures competent in nursing.

It is necessary that the mouth and nose of the child are facing the breast, lips are stroflesse mouth well open and the guance will appear floods e round throughout the breastfeeding.

La sucking, which in the beginning is fast, becomes gradually slow e deep, with pauses for swallow.

At this point, if the baby is attached correctly and mum does not hear any pain, all that remains is relax e enjoy this beautiful time!

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