The birth story of a newborn with the cord around the neck

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Childbirth story with cord around the neck

Not hearing the baby cry when it is born is a sensation that takes your breath away and for a moment the heart stops beating. That's what he felt our little planet Simona who tells us about those endless minutes after the birth of her baby.

Hi, I would also like to tell about my birth. Sunday evening, 40 + 5. I feel the first contractions. My little girl sleeps in bed with me and I think it's her last night as her only child. I wake up at 3 in the morning and the pains are stronger, but still not regular. At 5 in the morning I wake up my husband, we go to the hospital because the pains have increased and everyone says that the second birth is faster.

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The contractions 

They monitor me, visit me and I'm only 2 cm dilated. The whole morning goes by like this, many contractions, it's you my little one, trying to make room for you to go out! Midwife Carolina brings me a large peanut-shaped ball to ride on swinging to help you and it's early 6pm. I sleep between one contraction and another, trying to recover my energy but the pains are getting closer and stronger.

I'm in the labor room, I take advantage of the position on the side to rest a little and manage the contractions well. Carolina is always present but discreet, she comes, she comforts me, she advises me but always in my respect. I am left with my intimacy with dad and everything is going well. Unfortunately, Carolina has to go away, her shift ends and it is also her husband's birthday ... but first she takes me to the delivery room, that delivery room where my first baby was born two and a half years ago.

It is 19.30 pm and from the window you can see the light of the sunset over the sea, the world outside begins to relax, but for me the time has come to move. I feel the urge to push, the expansion has reached its maximum but I am also exhausted by the heat and fatigue.

My husband makes me cool with a wet sheet, back pains are getting stronger and more frequent. The two midwives who arrived in Carolina's place are less maternal, they cheer me from the stadium with every thrust and I freeze a little, I feel violated in my privacy. They impose on me how to stay, how to breathe ... they decide to help me with a drip, the contractions start again, close and strong. Here comes the staff of the nursery, it means that we are there!

"I don't hear crying and my heart stops"

They say they see the head, the hair ... I gather the last strength and helping myself with the band hanging from the ceiling I push, I push and I push, I miss my breath, the heart is at 1000...

I feel your head stuck and give a huge push, screaming like a madman and I feel it being born, but I don't hear the crying. It was 21.05. My heart stops, I worry because they take the baby away and the minutes never seem to pass. I don't care about the laceration, I don't care about the stitches, I just want to hear that cry from the next room, which comes a few minutes later, eternal moments.

They put the baby in my arms only a few seconds, the time to cuddle him, give him a kiss and take him away because he is in need of care. They tell me that he weighs 4,2 kg, that he is 52 cm long and is finally better, that he had a bad loop around his neck. We meet again in the room at 23 pm, with us there is the father ... we are both exhausted, I decide to leave him at the nursery that night because I am not well, I have lost a lot of blood and I have to recover to be at the best for him and from morning after we never broke up ... and we never broke up again!

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