The cartoons on the nails of fashion mothers

Moms also want to have some time for care of your beauty. So why not go to a beauty center to have your nails decorated? The "nail art", or the art of decorating nails, is spreading more and more among women.

Nail art is considered as "the set of nail decoration techniques" and allows "to obtain multicolored nails or to paint on them a large number of subjects". It is therefore not the classic monochromatic nail polish, but with a little bit of fantasy you can indulge yourself.

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So, since we are dealing with mothers, why not get decorated on the nails i protagonists of a cartoon? So children will surely like them too. And if we talk about Cartoon Nail Art, there really is something for everyone.

From the cartoons of our childhood (LOOK AT THE PICTURES), such as Maya the Bee or Hello Spank, to the most recent cartoons such as the Simpsons or Pokemon, up to the timeless Hello Kitty.

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You can also buy them Nail Art Stencils o Nail Art Stickers, adhesive strips with your favorite character that can be applied directly to the nails. Or there are those who let themselves be made real Nail Sculpure, that is a three-dimensional decoration, with the figures in relief on the nails.

On Facebook you can find hundreds of groups or fan pages dedicated to the fashion of Nail Art and in particular to that of nails decorated in cartoon style, such as Nail Art ... the colors of dreams or Nail by Betta. And there are also special ones channels on Youtube with tutorials to create cartoon style Nail Art.

For all those who want to turn their nails into a cartoon, here are some tutorials for you! And what would you get decorated on your nails?

Tutorial Nail Art Hello Spank

Tutorial Nail Art Hello Kitty

Tutorial Nail Art Principesse Disney

Tutorial Nail Art Jessica Rabbit

Tutorial Nail Art Flinstones

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