The contraceptive pill is too expensive, but everyone wants it

European women prefer the pill.
According to a recent survey, 59% of donne el paesene respondents said they consider birth control pills (Read) the safest, most practical and easy to use method.

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In all European countries involved in the survey, the percentage of women who prefer the pill never falls below 50%. And in the country the peak is 59%. They follow the condom (17%) andvaginal ring (3%).

Among the reasons why the pill is so popular, 70% say it is excellent because it regulates the period (Read), for 63% because the instructions for its use are easy and intuitive, for 58% it is perfect because it is easy to take (the latter reason is the main reason why the pill is better than any other contraceptive method for 82% of French women and 76% of German women).

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But the pill is not without flaws.
The main? Its cost. Only in Great Britain the contraceptive pill is paid for by the Health Service, while in all other European countries it is paid and for 64% of the women interviewed its high cost is in first place in the ranking of defects of the pill.
To the point that half of women believe it is right share the expense with partner.


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In second place in the ranking of the pill's defects is the risk that it will increase cellulite (READ): a problem reported by 44% of the el country, by 60% of the French, by 73% of the Germans.
Third place to the hassle of being able to buy it only if you have a doctor's prescription.
But there is also a 38% of el paesene that has seen a decline in sexual desire in conjunction with taking the pill and 35% associate the pill with frequent headaches.

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