The diet for a woman with gestational diabetes

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Diet for people with diabetes in pregnancy

As we all know, gestational diabetes is a disease that can have serious consequences for both the fetus and the mother. However, these risks can be almost eliminated if you follow these 4 guidelines:

  • follow your doctor's instructions carefully
  • monitor your blood sugar regularly
  • follow a correct diet
  • regularly engage in physical activity suitable for pregnancy

As for nutrition, the objectives it is aimed at are two: to avoid gaining too much weight and to keep blood sugar within normal levels throughout the day. To achieve an adequate weight gain it is good to evaluate your caloric needs, which must be estimated with respect to the ideal pre-pregnancy weight (height in meters squared x 23) and multiplied by a factor ranging from 30 to 35 based on the real weight ( 30 for those who are obese, 35 for those of normal weight or underweight), without ever dropping below 1600 Kcal. For example, a 1,63 tall woman has an ideal weight of 23x1,63x1,63 = 61 kg. The woman in question has a real weight of 62 kg, so it falls into the normopeso (BMI 23) so to get your calorie needs we can multiply the ideal weight by 34: 61x34 =2074 Kcal

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How to cut calories

  • To help you not to exceed in calories it is useful measure the oil used with a spoon (consider that each tablespoon of oil brings 90 Kcal) and limit its use by replacing it in part with: vinegar, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, wine or beer in cooking.
  • Another tip for reducing calorie intake is to limit the consumption of industrial foods as much as possible, ready or pre-cooked, preparing everything you can at home.

How to check blood sugar levels

check your blood sugar levels instead, it is necessary to pay attention to several indications.

  • First of all it is good to divide the power supply into 6 sure: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snack, dinner and a small snack before going to bed.
  • Much attention in the diet to be followed, they deserve snacks. They should cover 5-10% of the day's calories and provide 15 to 45 grams of carbohydrates, along with a source of protein.

Some examples of snacks that cover these needs are:

  • 30-50g bread and cheese
  • 1 packet of crackers with ham
  • 1 yogurt with 25-35 grams of cornflakes
  • 1 glass of milk with 2-4 rusks
  • It is also very important eliminate all sources of simple sugars: white sugar, cane sugar, honey, fructose, jam (even with no added sugar), fruit juices, sugary drinks.
  • It is possible to indulge a little sweet every now and then, but only in the context of a meal, never outside meals or as a snack. When choosing the dessert, it is better to choose a homemade cake or donut.
  • Let us remember that even fruit provides high quantities of simple sugars, so it is advisable not to consume more than two fruits a day, always preferring fresh seasonal fruit and always at the end of the meal.
  • Keeping blood sugar normal is also important take the right amount of fiber, especially the soluble one contained in fruit and vegetables.
  • So let's remember to consume 2 portions of fruit and 2 large portions of vegetables every day, alternating raw and cooked vegetables.
  • Finally another attention should be that of divide carbohydrates in a similar way between lunch and dinner. For example, this goal can be achieved as follows: an 80g plate of pasta for lunch and dinner, a plate of vegetable soup with 30g of pasta and 80g of bread.

Diet for those with gestational diabetes

Below is an example of a food day for gestational diabetes of approximately 2150 Kcal.


A 250ml cup of milk + 40g dry biscuits


1 yogurt + 25g cornflakes


Pasta 80g + 1 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese + 40g redfish + 150g cherry tomatoes + oil 2 tablespoons + 1 apple


1 packet of crackers with cooked ham 20g


Vegetable puree with 30g of pasta + 100g turkey breast + 150g artichokes + 1 and a half tablespoons of oil + 80g bread + 1 orange

After dinner

1 glass of milk + 2 rusks

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