The emotions and the pride of being a mother in 10 words

The emotions and the pride of being a mother in 10 words

Emotion of being a mom

Before becoming a mother we asked ourselves what we would feel, how our life would change and we discovered that reality was far away and different from our thoughts. Having our child in your arms, following his development, his small progress, seeing him grow, taking care of him are unforgettable sensations. The everyday life of us mothers is made up of many small things that make our life wonderful and unique. But what if we had to sum up the emotions and pride of being a mother in 10 words?

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The editorial team tried to ask Licia, Chiara, Marianna and Lara, some "little planets" who have been following us for some time.

  • A jewel 

The birth of a child is a life-filling event, a jewel that lights up our days. In an instant, everything that has happened before seems less important. All the achievements, dreams, expectations are nothing compared to the joy of a new life that is born. We have to start over, start over, reinvent ourselves. Becoming a mother is a "bombshell", it is a jewel that makes every single day precious.

  • Another "we"

Growing up in one's womb, "another us" is an indescribable emotion. Someone who is different and at the same time is US, the union of a man and a woman, a mom and a dad.

  • Rewrite your own history

This is one of the reasons to be proud of being a mother: starting over every day between difficulties and joys, rewriting one's history. A child daily questions you in small and large things. And you can't not listen to his requests, you can't ignore his calls.

  • Proud of every little conquest

You are proud of every little big achievement: the first walk alone, the first word, the first tooth, etc. Being a mom allows you to be proud of little things, simple things.

  • A new opening to the world

Becoming a mother makes us more empathetic, more understanding and obviously also more concerned about the fate of the world.

  • Unconditional and absolute love

Motherhood gives you the opportunity to experience a form of love which, having always lived on the side of the children, is not appreciated in all its depth. The love between a parent and a young child is probably the most unconditional and absolute form of love that exists: you love a child simply because it exists, not because it is done in a certain way rather than another.

  • Rediscover the world

Having a child means reliving a whole series of experiences already made as if they were something completely new.

  • Happiness and amazement

Being a mother is also the happiness and amazement you feel when you watch your children invent new games, or watch them grow up together and love each other.

  • Pride

Being told by friends and relatives or external people that their children seem serene, happy is often a source of pride for a parent. At that moment it becomes clear that you have done a "good job" and that you have been a filter of serenity for them.

  • Accompany them on the journey of life 

And finally, for a mother it is exciting to see her children grow up and accompany them on the wonderful journey that is life 

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