The gynecologist's phobia, what it is and how to overcome it

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Phobia of the gynecologist

Visiting the gynecologist, many times, is the first fear that a woman feels, especially when pregnancy is assumed. In the little girls and in teens it is quite common to be afraid of a visit to the gynecologist, especially the first few times, but you can have it phobia of the gynecologist even in adulthood, when perhaps the woman has suffered a trauma in the past or had a negative experience.

Gynecological examination

First of all: what the visit to the gynecologist consists of? It is generally structured in tre step:

  1. un informative interview during which the specialist asks the patient if she is sexually active, when she had her first menstrual period, if her periods are regular and other general information;
  2. a visit with the speculum: it is a retractor that allows the doctor to observe the inside of the uterus;
  3. a 'echography, external or internal.

All these procedures are absolutely safe and harmless. You may feel only a slight discomfort that lasts a few moments.

The causes of the gynecologist's phobia

La fear it's just one psychological question. You may be afraid of getting hurt, afraid of being touched in your private parts, afraid of discovering that you are pregnant, when a pregnancy is not desired or you are afraid of having contracted some infection or some disease.

If we are faced with little girls still virgins who go to the gynecologist for a check-up, it is good that they are accompanied by their mother or a friend.

If, on the other hand, a girl who has had the first sexual intercourse, the fear can also be justified: she is not yet an expert and has no in-depth knowledge or confidence with her genital tract. In these cases fear can make it more difficult to insert the speculum and the patient may feel some pain due to the contracted muscles.

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In these cases it is good that the mum you accompany your daughter, but when do you want to leave your parents in the dark? Friends are the ones to help. Going there alone could lead to despair and could let the girl be influenced and visit her as a trauma.

Fear of the gynecologist when pregnant

Even the pregnant woman has, at times, the phobia of the gynecologist because she fears that the dilators, the instruments introduced into the vagina for control may cause some damage to the placenta or fetus.

We must rest assured: the transvaginal ultrasound, the speculum and the dilator do not cause any damage to the walls of the uterus and not even to the first cells for the formation of a new life, as the blastocysts - in the following embryo and then fetus - are protected and the gynecologist is confident in his work.

How to deal with the fear of the gynecologist

When the gynecologist is faced with phobic women, he will surely have to do his part: the helpful character, the reliable presence and a respectful and friendly attitude will help the woman to relax. Here are some practical tips:

  • La informative participation visiting the gynecologist is another ideal method to try to reduce, if not eliminate, the fear of the gynecologist.
  • if you feel more at ease with a female gynecologist, ask a more experienced friend for advice and trust yourself;
  • If you are a phobic woman, you can to accompany you from a strong and trustworthy person who can support you without being accommodating to your complaints, you need a person who shouldn't have pity on you, but who should reassure you.
  • To overcome fear it is also recommended initially familiarize yourself with the gynecologist be calmly explained what you are going to do so as not to be taken by surprise and get as much information as possible so as not to go into trouble.
  • It also helps be advised a specialist gynecologist from a friend or a trusted person, perhaps if you have suffered a trauma, entrusting yourself to a specialist doctor is always the first right thing to do.
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