The hottest questions about pregnancy

ALL ABOUT PREGNANCY - When you are expecting a baby the medical health insurance, family, friends and acquaintances all have their own personal idea of ​​what can and cannot be done.
And often the opinions are conflicting and not at all clear.
Here are the hottest and most embarrassing questions that you may never have had the courage to ask.

I can have anal sex?
Sex during pregnancy is not only not contraindicated, but is also recommended, as long as the pregnancy is progressing well and without problems. The baby is well protected by the uterus and the amniotic fluid and does not feel jolts or pushes. In addition, the anus is well away from the uterus ... Rather beware of anal sex if you have a predisposition to hemorrhoids: with pregnancy, constipation and the weight of the belly, hemorrhoids can appear more easily, even after anal intercourse


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Is masturbation allowed during pregnancy?
Of course! Pleasure never hurts, neither to you nor to the baby, on the contrary it favors the production of endorphins, hormones that give a natural feeling of well-being. But if you have any pain after orgasm, ask your gynecologist (READ ON THE FORUM)

Can vibrators and sex toys be used?
The vibrator should be avoided due to the electric waves; but other sex toys are allowed, albeit with a certain care and delicacy.

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You can eat aphrodisiac foods?
There is no need to eat seafood spicy foods (to be avoided during pregnancy, also because they would be a little indigestible) but you can eat foods that awaken the libido, such as chocolate, spices such as cinnamon, and ginger, known since ancient times for its aphrodisiac properties.


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I can do an intimate hair removal?
Before giving birth it is necessary to do a hair removal (especially if you will do a cesarean), but in pregnancy it is better to avoid hot waxing.

I can have sex in all positions?
Some will naturally become impossible to practice due to the bulky baby bump, but there are some positions that are perfect for having sex during pregnancy.

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