The midwife's advice for 40 weeks of pregnancy

Advice from the midwife for pregnancy

The advice of the midwife Chiara Matteuzzi for all weeks of pregnancy. How to behave in the first months, what to eat, which ultrasound scans to do, and many other useful information to experience a peaceful pregnancy.

  • 1 First week of pregnancy - The intake of folic acid is effective in preventing neural tube defects (eg spina bifida) in the fetus. Studies show greater efficacy if the intake begins at least two months before conception, so when a couple decides to start the search for pregnancy it may be useful to contact their GP for a prescription for AC. Folic.
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  • 2 Second week of pregnancy - The body, under the effect of progesterone, begins to slow down its rhythms: you feel tired, you sleep much more. Indulge your body and its new rhythms, don't force yourself, if you can't, to do the same things you did until a few weeks ago.
Second week of pregnancy

Pregnancy images week by week | PHOTO

Pregnancy images week by week | Photos of pregnancy week by week. The nine months of gestation in pictures. Photos of the fetus during the weeks of pregnancy

  • 3 Third week of pregnancy - In case of abdominal cramps, even if you still don't know if they are symptoms of pregnancy or an upcoming menstruation, you can take 1-2 tablets of magnesium (Mg) per day, after the main meals, which will help you to relieve the pains.
 Third week of pregnancy
  • 4 Fourth week of pregnancy - The stick pregnancy tests are designed to search for the presence ofhCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) in urine. To perform the test, wait for the day when your period should arrive or, even better, the first day of delay and test your urine in the morning or after having been at least 4 hours without urinating, so that the amount of bhcg is a lot. high.
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  • 5 Fifth week of pregnancy - for nausea It may be helpful to eat small and frequent meals, eat a salty cracker before getting out of bed, use motion sickness bracelets, acupuncture, use ginger in cooking, or take it as a tablet.
Fifth week of pregnancy
  • 6 Sixth week of pregnancy - Because you haven't had blood tests yet and you still can't know if you are at risk of getting it toxoplasmosis, try to avoid eating raw or undercooked meat or fish, uncooked cold cuts (eg yes cooked or roasted ham, and no raw ham or salami), wash fruit and vegetables well before eating them; if you have a cat ask someone to clean the litter box or do it using gloves and washing your hands thoroughly after doing so.
Sixth week of pregnancy
  • 7 Seventh week of pregnancy - In case of heartburn you can follow some small precautions: do not go to bed within two hours of meals, drink few liquids during the meal, avoid too sugary, carbonated or caffeinated drinks, try to avoid bread and foods containing yeast.
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  • 8 Eighth week of pregnancy - The first blood tests were done. In case of slight anemia, increase the consumption of those foods that contain a lot of iron, for example brown rice, beetroot (do not overdo it because it contains a lot of sugar), radishes; a squeeze of lemon on spinach and meat can be useful because it increases the assimilation of the iron contained.
Eighth week of pregnancy
  • 9 Ninth week of pregnancy - A very recurrent infection in pregnancy is that of candida.

In case of candida, you can prepare an infusion of chamomile, thyme and fennel (1 cuc for each dried herb) left to rest for 10 min; filter the infusion and dip a piece of cloth (linen or cotton); apply the patch on the vulva for a few minutes.

Ninth week of pregnancy
  • 10 XNUMXth week of pregnancy - In case of a cold it can be useful to take vitamin C through orange juice. Even herbal teas such as those based on karkadè and rose hips bring great benefits in case of a cold or a runny nose.
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  • 11 Eleventh week of pregnancy - Pregnancy is certainly not a time to go on a diet; having said that, if you notice that you have put on more than 1,5-2 kg or if you have high blood pressure or hyperglycemia, it may be wise to contact a dietician-nutritionist to set up a suitable nutritional regimen right now.
Eleventh week of pregnancy
  • 12 Twelfth week of pregnancy - During pregnancy you can safely continue to go to the hairdresser: the only precaution is that of avoid making perms, colors or streaks. The shatush can be done since the products do not come into contact with the skin, the important thing is to perform them in well-aired rooms and rinse the hair thoroughly with warm or fresh water.
Twelfth week of pregnancy

The fetus in the nine months of pregnancy

Photos of the fetus during the nine months of pregnancy

  • 13 Thirteenth week of pregnancy - The belly begins to grow and you can help your skin by starting to practice massages with sweet almond oil, cold pressed. This practice will make the skin more elastic and will avoid or decrease the onset of stretch marks.
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  • 14 Fourteenth week of pregnancy - If you feel good and the pregnancy goes smoothly, you can start practicing some gentle gymnastics for pregnancy or take an aquatic course; in the water your whole body can relax: the back and legs are relieved of the weight, the skin is hydrated, and your mood improves and calms down. It can be very useful in case of great stress or fear related to pregnancy or childbirth.
Fourteenth week of pregnancy
  • 15 Fifteenth week of pregnancy - The energies begin to flow back into your body; you feel very energetic and the fatigue is gone completely. Be careful not to overdo it: take some moments just for you and your baby ... without forgetting your partner!
Fifteenth week of pregnancy
  • 16 Sixteenth week of pregnancy - La constipation it is common in pregnancy because it is due to the slowdown caused by the action of progesterone, or by iron supplements in case of anemia. As natural remedies you can eat 2 kiwifruit in the morning, oat bran, 1 cuc of flax seeds soaked in the evening and taken the next evening, take psillum. You can also find some benefit by massaging your belly in a clockwise direction.
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  • 17 Seventeenth week of pregnancy  In case of varicose veins you can find relief by avoiding standing for too long, using compression stockings, or keeping your legs immersed in cool water.

Seventeenth week of pregnancy
  • 18 Eighteenth week of pregnancy - If hemorrhoids are present, it can be useful to treat constipation thus avoiding excessive effort. It is very useful to avoid crossing the braces, to make fresh water compresses and to avoid the erect position for too long.
Eighteenth week of pregnancy
  • Nineteenth week of pregnancy - If you have been encountered hypertension (minimum pressure = 85) or you are at risk of developing it (previous pregnancy) you can follow some small tips to prevent it from developing. They are to be favored relaxation (yoga, aquatics) and rest; sexual activity is a good ally against tension and stress. As natural remedies you can increase the consumption of cucumber and bruschetta with garlic; horsetail decoction or lemon balm and hawthorn teas are also useful.
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  • 20 Twentieth week of pregnancy - For back pain avoid high heels and standing for too long; try to keep your pelvis straight. Here is a simple exercise to counteract back pain: lying on the floor with legs bent and pressing the pelvis against the floor, inhale, hold for 4 seconds, exhale and relax (same movement also standing up against the wall).
Twentieth week of pregnancy
  • 21 Twenty-first week of pregnancy - Il breast gets bigger and bigger: you can also help the breast skin by massaging with sweet almond oil. Use this moment as a moment of intimacy with your partner, making him participate in the changes in your body.
Twenty-first week of pregnancy
  • 22 Twenty-second week of pregnancy - If you choose to travel prefer traveling by plane and avoid long distances by car or train. Avoid going to countries for which malaria coverage is required or the intake of specific vaccines or drugs: all these drugs cannot be taken during pregnancy! For every need, bring with you all the tests performed during pregnancy, ultrasound scans and reference numbers (hospital, gynecologist, ...).
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  • 23 Twenty-third week of pregnancy - If insomnia haunts you, look for relaxation practices to help you (eg yoga, visualizations, ...). It can be useful to sleep on the left side with the help of pillows, have a small snack before bedtime (avoids nocturnal hypoglycemia), decrease work and stress. Among the natural remedies you can find benefit with preparations based on hawthorn and lemon balm (herbal teas, capsules, drops before going to bed)
Twenty-third week of pregnancy
  • 24 Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy - Even during pregnancy it can happen to get sick: increase the consumption of foods that carry out an action of implementation of the immune defenses, such as citrus fruits, kiwis, yellow / orange and dark green vegetables, eggs, white meat, cereals, dried fruit, tea green.
Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy
  • 25 Twenty-fifth week of pregnancy - If you suffer from sinusitis you can find relief by spraying preparations based on sulphurous water or physiological solution in the nostrils, or by performing warm compresses on the root of the nose and eye sockets. Anti-inflammatory action can be done by carrying out compresses on the forehead with chopped raw potatoes or cooked polenta, placed in a piece of linen or cotton after having wrung out the excess water.
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  • 26 Twenty-sixth week of pregnancy - If the back pain continues you can do it compresses with clay: add water to 2-3 cuc of clay in order to obtain a thick enough paste to apply on the painful area; cover with a piece of cotton or linen.
Twenty-sixth week of pregnancy

How the baby bump grows in nine months

Nine photos for nine months, to follow how the baby bump grows

  • 27 Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy - It can begin in this epoch the fluid retention. Eating whole foods can help drain, increase the use of raw garlic, raw onion, apples, red grapes, or dandelions.
Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy
  • 28 Twenty-eighth week of pregnancy - Fluid retention can cause syndrome of carpal tunnel: numbness and pain in the hand and fingers. In the morning, keep your arms above your head to let the fluids flow out or massage your hands and wrists.
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  • 29 Twenty-ninth week of pregnancy - If you have restless legs (tingling at night, tremors, desire to move) avoid caffeine, take a hot bath before bed, correct anemia and nocturnal hypoglycemia.
Twenty-ninth week of pregnancy
  • 30 Thirtieth week of pregnancy - I cramps in the lower limbs are very frequent, especially if these weeks fall in the summer. Eat foods rich in calcium (milk, cheese and almonds) and take magnesium. Gymnastics: standing, lean your forearms against the wall, align your feet slightly away from the wall and swing towards it.
Thirtieth week of pregnancy
  • 31 Thirty-first week of pregnancy - If you feel burning or discomfort urinating you probably have cystitis. Fight it by wearing comfortable linen or cotton clothing and wash it with pure castile soap. Do not use panty liners, even if you have abundant whitish or small urine leaks (common in pregnancy and especially at this time), do the bidet with cool or lukewarm water every time you go to the bathroom.
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  • 32 Thirty-second week of pregnancy - If insomnia continues, try not to watch TV before bed, but prefer a good book or visualization exercises. It can also be useful to walk barefoot on the grass (in the seasons that allow it) because it helps to discharge electromagnetic tensions.
Thirty-second week of pregnancy

Months of pregnancy | PHOTO

Photos of pregnancy month by month. Images of the belly and fetus from the first month to the ninth month of pregnancy

  • 33 Thirty-third week of pregnancy - This week you can start preparing yours perineum (area between the lower portion of the vulva and the anus) in preparation for childbirth by performing a massage once a day with sweet almond oil or specific oil for the perineum: this massage will promote the elasticity of the perineal tissues, decreasing the risk of lacerations.
Thirty-third week of pregnancy
  • 34 Thirty-fourth week of pregnancy - At this point in pregnancy, hemorrhoids can be a real problem. If they are painful, you can apply a cotton or linen cloth soaked in warm witch hazel tea over the swelling. Ricotta at room temperature seems to be a real panacea when applied directly to the area.
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  • 35 Thirty-fifth week of pregnancy - Sexual intercourse favors psycho-physical relaxation. In addition to this, the prostaglandins contained in the spermatic fluid perform an action on the receptors present on the cervix, favoring the shortening and dilation mechanism of the neck itself.
 Thirty-fifth week of pregnancy
  • 36 Thirty-sixth week of pregnancy - If you feel they are you once the water is broken, do this simple test: pee and rinse thoroughly, drying yourself well; lie on the bed, belly up, with pillows under your shoulders, put a dry towel under your butt and in front of your vulva (as if they were panties); he shakes his belly with his hands. After a few minutes he checks the towel: if it is dry it means that it was just urine leaks.
Thirty-sixth week of pregnancy
  • 37 Thirty-seventh week of pregnancy - If you haven't already done so, contact the hospital where you have chosen to give birth: they will give you one list of useful things you need to take with you, eg necessary for the baby, for your hygiene and nutrition. You will be provided with information on visiting hours.
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  • 38 Thirty-eighth week of pregnancy - Contractions begin, but when to go to the hospital? Before leaving for the hospital, try taking a lukewarm shower: if the contractions are those of labor they will not stop, while if they do, they were probably just preparation contractions.
Thirty-eighth week of pregnancy
  • 39 Thirty-ninth week of pregnancy - Before performing the cardiotocography check, have a nice breakfast or eat some chocolate, so the child will show himself in all his liveliness.

Months of pregnancy | PHOTO

Photos of pregnancy month by month. Images of the belly and fetus from the first month to the ninth month of pregnancy

Thirty-ninth week of pregnancy
  • 40 XNUMXth week of pregnancy -During the labor and delivery drinking and eating is not recommended due to the high risk of vomiting. It may be useful to have your partner bring a bottle of water and fruit juice, some fruit candies or chocolates in case of need.
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