The most beautiful and sought after female names starting with the letter D

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Girl names that start with the letter D.

Let's think of a vintage name that's back in fashion like Daphne, Or Daniela e Debora, which in the Eighties were among the most popular female names in the country and which today have less luck: today we offer you a guide to names for girls the letter D, and we'll give you some ideas if you're expecting a little princess and grappling with the daunting task of choosing a name.


Names inspired by the classics of literature

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Female names

First, to choose the right name for your daughter, you could access the convenient and practical name counter that ISTAT makes available: it is a tool that provides the classification of 50 names most used in the country every year, starting from 1999, but on which we can also focus on a precise name to find out how its diffusion in our country has changed from 1999 to today.

If you're on the high seas and have no idea where to start to find the right name, start sifting through a classic name book - trying to pronounce name and surname together to make sure that everything is harmonious - and also go backwards in your genealogical tree, looking for names with an ancient family tradition that may even surprise you!

The most popular baby girl names with the letter D

In the top 50 of the most popular names in the country in recent years there is no female name starting with the letter D, so to understand which are the most sought after we have to dig deeper, going to intercept the latest trends and growing values. Here, then, is a selection of female names starting with the letter D. with relative date on which to celebrate the name day:

  • Daniela: the name day is celebrated on 31 July when the Church remembers Blessed Daniela of San Barnaba, a Carmelite nun and martyr with her sister Gabriella of San Giovanni della Croce; but you can also celebrate the 10 October with St. Daniel.
  • Dafne: there are no saints bearing this name, so you can celebrate the name day on All Saints' Day on November 1st. However, some sources indicate that the name day is celebrated on the day of Saint Laura, October 19.
  • Diana: the name day can generally celebrate the 10nd June, in memory of Blessed Diana degli Andalò, Dominican nun and founder of the Sant'Agnese convent in Bologna
  • Daria: the name day is celebrated in most cases on 25 October in memory of Saint Daria, martyr in the city with her husband Crisante, and patroness of Reggio Emilia and Otranto
  • Dorothy: there is no saint bearing this name so you can celebrate November 1st, on All Saints' Day, however the name day can also fall on8st May when San Bonifacio and Diletto are remembered.
  • Delilah: the name day is celebrated on November 1st, but according to some sources it can also be celebrated on November 3rd.
  • Desiree: the name day is celebrated on May 8, in memory of Saint Desiderato, bishop of Bourges, in France.
  • Denise: variant of the name Dionisia, the name day is celebrated on May 15 in honor of Saint Dionisia martyr in the Hellespont, with Saints Andrew, Paul and Peter
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The most beautiful female names starting with D meaning and origin

Now we offer you a list of baby girl names starting with the letter D that have a nice meaning.

  • Desiree: French form of Desiderata, which derives from the Latin and means, in fact, "desired"
  • Donatella: as Donata it has Latin origin and means "gift of God, given as a gift"
  • Dora: of Greek origin, it means "gifts"
  • Dorothy: a name of Latin origin which means "beloved beloved"
  • Diana: derives from the Latin. Diana was the goddess of daylight or clear skies
  • Daphne: comes from the Greek and means "laurel". Daphne was the nymph loved by Apollo and transformed into a laurel.

List of Names beginning with the letter D

In this list, however, we have decided to compile a long list of female names starting with D. For each name, find one guide deepened on the meaning, the origin, the name day, the personality of who bears that name.

  • Delilah
  • Dorothy

Female names with D, most used according to Istat

Every year the ISTAT in the context of the Birth Report also provides the ranking of the most used male and female names in the country. With this calculator we can find out the rankings of 2022 and also those of the past years, up to 1999. However, in the rankings of the last few years no female name starting with this letter has placed high in the top 50 and therefore it is necessary to dig a little 'deeper, investigating the latest trends and rising popularity.

  • Goddess: in 1999 it had an absolute value of only 6, while in 2022 the figure rose to 68
  • Dorothy: a real exploit for this name which in 1999 recorded an absolute value of 241, which in 2022 even rose to 806
  • Desiree: the popularity of this name is stable and consolidated over time. In 1999 the absolute value was 348 and in 2022 it was 410
  • Denise: if we think that in 2006 the absolute value had exceeded a thousand entering the top 50, today Denise is less popular with an absolute value of 258.
  • Diana: This name is also increasingly popular and its popularity is increasing. The absolute value went from 172 in 1999 to 675 in 2022.
  • Delilah: his fame is stable. The absolute value was 250 in 1999 and 218 in 2022.

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