The most beautiful and sought after male names starting with the letter B

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Male names starting with the letter B.

B as Bruno or as Beniamino, which are certainly classic and traditional names, but also as Brian or as Brando, which are more modern and less popular. After offering you a guide to male names starting with A, today let's move on to names for baby the letter B, with many curiosities, from the dates of the name day to the meanings.


Names inspired by the classics of literature

Ten baby names inspired by the protagonists of literary classics

Male names

If you are expecting a boy you will soon be grappling with the choice of the name, one of the most magical and engaging moments of pregnancy. You can browse a dictionary of names, or a classic book, where you will find suggestions and ideas for male and female names, or consult the practical ISTAT calculator on the most common names in the country, which offers you a standings of the 50 most used names in our country from 1999 to 2022. Remember to pronounce your name and surname together, to see if there is harmony and assonance and avoid particular names, too strange or that could be ridiculous. In short, don't necessarily go along with fashions but take a critical look at the hottest names of the moment.

The most popular baby names with the letter B

Of course, taking a look at the ranking of names most used in the country we can know which are the most sought-after names starting with the letter B (even if in the top 50 male names with this initial are completely absent), but we can also imagine it by reading the news and gossip concerning the choices in terms of names of the characters of the entertainment world.

So here's one list of names starting with B. among the most sought after by future parents with relative date on which the name day is celebrated.

  1. Bruno: the name day is celebrated on 6 October, in memory of Saint Bruno of Cologne, a monk
  2. Bernard: the name day is celebrated on 20 August in memory of Bernardo di Chiaravalle, abbot
  3. Beniamino: the name day is generally celebrated on March 31 in memory of St. Benjamin, deacon and martyr in Persia
  4. Bryan: the name day is celebrated on March 12 in memory of King Brian Boru.
  5. Brando: the name day is celebrated on 22 August or 1 May.
  6. Brenno: there are no saints bearing this name, which is adhespota, so the name day is celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day
  7. Baldo: the name day can be celebrated on 7 November, in memory of San Baudino, also known as Baldo, bishop of Tours, or on 15 September when we remember San Baldo, penitent of Sens.
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The most beautiful male names starting with B meaning and origin

Now we offer you a list of ten male names starting with B that we have chosen essentially for theirs meaning.

  1. Baldassare: it is a name of uncertain origin, it probably means "" God protects his life "
  2. Baldo: diminutive of Baldwin, name of Germanic origin, it means "brave, courageous"
  3. basel: a variant of the name Basilio of Greek origins and means "royal"
  4. Blessed: a name of Latin origin and means "happy"
  5. Blessed: it too is of Latin origin and means "rich in divine blessings"
  6. Beniamino: a name of Hebrew origin which means "favorite son"
  7. Bernard: a traditional German name that means "strong as a bear"
  8. Berto: name derived from German which means "brilliant"
  9. Bonifacio: name of Latin origins whose meaning is "one who has a good destiny"
  10. Bertoldo: a name of Germanic origins that means "illustrious in commanding"
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List of Names beginning with the letter B

In this list, however, you will find some male names starting with B for which we have created an in-depth guide on the meaning, origin, name day, personality of those who bear that name.

  • Bruno

Male names with B, most used according to Istat

Every year, ISTAT in its Birth Report also provides the ranking of the most used male and female names in the country. If we look at the standings of 2022 we realize that in the top 50 there is not even a name for a boy who starts with the letter B and even going back over the years there are no big surprises.

In fact, male names starting with B are few and for the most part they are very ancient, sounding excessively archaic and therefore little loved by modern parents. Let's see what are the most popular names:

  • Brando: it is a name that is experiencing a moment of great popularity and its absolute value is growing exponentially. In 1999 only 26 children were called Brando while in 2022 there were 334.
  • Bryan: at the moment it is the most common male name starting with B in the country with an absolute value of 599 in 2022 (and to think that in 1999 only 66 children were called this way). The variant is also popular Brian with an absolute value of 112 in 1999 and 117 in 2022
  • Brandon: only 37 newborns were named in 2022
  • Bruno: has an absolute value of 225 newborns in 2022
  • Biagio: in 1999 236 children were named, while in 2022 only 116
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