The most beautiful baby names inspired by the sea

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Sea-inspired baby names

You are looking for a original name, new and that it has a strong and important meaning? If you hold the thesis that names are not just conventions, but rather represent something of the subject to which they refer, the choice will certainly not be a matter of a few minutes.

If you are a lover of summer and the sun, our advice is to give your little one a name that is linked to the sea.

We propose some water inspired baby names and sea, one of the most fascinating elements of nature, which has always bewitched men with its beauty and ability to transform.

Names related to water and for this reason endowed with charm, sensuality, but which also indicate people who are passionate, intuitive and very generous in life


The most beautiful names inspired by the sea

A list of the most beautiful names inspired by the sea and summer

  • Marina

means "belonging to the sea". Who bears the name Marina is energetic and sensitive. Her flesh pushes her towards passion, love, eroticism while her soul makes her feel a need for religiosity, for the supernatural. Such a dualism manages to coexist perfectly in her who knows how to alternate towards one or the other instinct

  • Riviera

a wish for brightness, clarity and serenity.

  • Alyssa

points to a sea nymph.

  • Delfina

her qualities of grace, intuition, vivacity and physical beauty make Delfina a truly fascinating woman, whom everyone wishes to have as a lover or as a friend.

  • Ondina

feminine name of Germanic origin which means swimmer. He would be a fantastic character, though half woman and half fish, attributed to the imagination of the doctor Paracelsus.

And again, if you are among those who like to call their children with cartoon characters, how not to think about Ariel, the famous little mermaid who is not satisfied with life under the sea and is curious about the human world. The name derives from Hebrew and means "lion of God". In the Old Testament it is also one of the names of the city of Jerusalem.

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Even for boys, the world of the sea is a source of inspiration:

  • Morgan

name of Celtic origin, which originates from the union of two words and whose meaning would probably be linked to a corsair

  • Ocean

Coming from the Greek Okeanos, translated into Latin with Oceanus, it means "immensity" and is an epithet of Neptune, God of the sea. 

  • Glaucous

sparkling, brilliant, referring in particular to the color of the sea, green-blue.

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