The most beautiful color-inspired baby names

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Color-inspired baby names

Choose the name to give to the unborn child is a very difficult task and future parents to try to please everyone sometimes end up arguing with each other. Sometimes you have to please the grandparents and give the baby a name of the family tradition, other times you can indulge yourself with foreign names, taken from the Bible or choosing from names inspired by flowers and spring. This time we offer you a selection of names inspired by the world of colors. A variegated and cheerful universe, and for each name, never as in this case, there is a precise one meaning. Here are many other baby names inspired by the colors and the world of the rainbow, both female and male names.


The most beautiful names inspired by colors

From black to pink: here are the coolest names inspired by colors


  • Name-day: the name day is celebrated on 23 August, when Saint Rose of Lima is commemorated, or on 6 March in memory of Saint Rose of Viterbo.
  • Origins and meaning of the name Rosa: the name Rosa derives from the Latin word of the same name which leads back to the flower itself. From the etymological point of view, the name derives from the ancient Greek rhodon, which in turn comes from a proto-Indo-European language and the term wrdho (thorn). But it may be a Latinized form of the English term Rose, which derives from the Norman form of the name Hrodohaidis, which means "famous lineage".
  • Personality: Rosa is an intelligent woman, diplomatic at the right point and very original. She is affectionate, friendly.


It is a name that refers to the light, to the cheerfulness, to the beauty of a clear and lively color.

  • Origin and meaning: from the etymological point of view it derives from the Persian term Lajvard or lazvard which indicated sapphires or lapis lazuli. The meaning of the Persian term is "which has the color of a clear sky", 
  • Name-day: there are no saints named Azzurra, so the name day can be celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day.
  • Personality: Azzurra is an original and extravagant person, extremely fascinated.


  • Name-day: the name day is generally celebrated on January 14 in memory of Santa Bianca, virgin
  • Origins and meaning of the name Bianca: the name Bianca derives from the Germanic blanc (or blanch, blank), which means "white, shiny". Bianca is a name that has ancient noble traditions, it was often imposed, in fact, on the new born of the aristocratic families and the country, but also on children who had a particularly light skin
  • Personality: Bianca is unpredictable, charming and sensual. She often she is at the mercy of her emotions, she is outgoing, open and communicative.


  • Name-day: the name day is celebrated on May 3 when the Church remembers Santa Viola of Verona.
  • Origins and meaning of the name Viola: the name Viola is an auspicious name that refers to the homonymous flower and color. From the etymological point of view, the term derives from the ancient Greek ιον (ion), "violet", "dark blue flower".
  • Personality: Viola is calm and hates conflict. She is generous and attaches great importance to affection.


  • Name-day: Celeste can celebrate the name day on July 27, when the Church remembers San Celeste or on May 19 or even September 11,
  • Origins and meaning of the name Celeste: the name Celeste derives from the Latin word Caelestis means "right from the sky", so it means "coming from the sky"
  • Personality: Celeste has a joyful and energetic personality, who seems born to love and be loved, she is calm, joyful and energetic.


  • Name-day: Bruno celebrates the name day on 6 October when the Church remembers Saint Bruno of Cologne, monk and founder of the Carthusians.
    Origins and meaning of the name Bruno: derives from the Germanic term brun (later rendered in modern German with braun) which means "dark color".
  • Personality: Bruno is an elegant and flexible man, attentive to the needs of others, a hard worker.


  • Name-day: if it is believed that Rossella is a derivative of the name Rosa, it can be celebrated on August 23 in honor of Saint Rosa of Lima.
  • Origins and meaning of the name Rossella: the origin of the name Rossella has its roots in the term of endearment for the adjective red, probably referring to the color of the hair. Rossella means "with red hair".
  • Personality: Rossella is a woman with a strong and exuberant character, she is impulsive, impatient
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Male and female names inspired by colors

As we have seen, the names inspired by colors are mainly feminine, but there are also some gems among the male names. Eg Black it is a name of aristocratic tradition, but one must be careful to impose it on a child unless there are obvious family rules that it is better to respect.

  • Rosita;
  • Green;
  • Dora;
  • Candida;
  • Rossana;
  • Mine;
  • Little black;
  • Violetta;
  • Verdiana;
  • Violante;
  • Fulvia;
  • amaranth;
  • Sunrise;
  • Black;
  • Blu.
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