The most beautiful names inspired by the Sun

Anyone who has had a baby knows how fun, exciting but sometimes even difficult the stage can be choice of name (Read).

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Often an immediate agreement is not found and just as often one of the two parents gets stuck with a name that the partner detests.

Perhaps we can help you in this delicate phase by offering you a list of names, traditional and from distant countries (from Japan to Thaiti) inspired by Sun.

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Some examples?

Yoko (Read), in Japan it means "son of the sun", or Soriana (Read) which in Cambodian refers to the "brightness of the sun" and inspires generosity and great openness or Shamsi (Read), which in Arabic means "my little sun".

In the village we find Elio (


), quite widespread in our country, of Greek origin which literally means Sun.

And again Maria Sole (


) or Alba and its widespread variant Aurora (



And finally Elena, radiant and radiant (



In this gallery many names inspired by the sun


The most beautiful sun inspired baby names

Not just names and villages: here are the most beautiful names inspired by the sun

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