The most beautiful photo apps for moms

The best apps for photography

Mothers have a passion for photographs. Especially when it comes to immortalizing their children in their thousands of daily activities and their growth. And with the spread of smartphones and tablets, the opportunities to take pictures have multiplied.

Phones are crammed with albums photo children and there are more and more applications that make it possible to retouch the photos taken to create real photographic works of art.

In the top ten of the most downloaded photo editing apps there is certainly Cymera. Available for Android, active on the phones of millions of users, this app allows you to retouch the photos taken to give the characteristics of a photograph that looks almost professional. Seven different lenses and more than one hundred filters to create unique atmospheres even from a simple everyday photo.

Available for iPhone instead Enlight, a photo editor that brings together the potential and features of all photo editing apps. A complete app with the highest quality photo processing, functional and easy to use.


The 10 best photo apps for moms

A selection of the best photo editing apps for moms

For the mothers of little athletes it's perfect Fast Burst Camera. We often try to take dozens of photos of the child who is playing a football match, only to have to trash more than half of them because they are blurry and unusable. This app allows you to quickly take dozens of photos in order to create a photo collage that looks almost like a small video.

We also report Pixlr, a powerful and fun photo editor that lets you crop, rotate and refine any image in a completely ad-free experience. It offers beyond 2 million combinations of effects, free overlays and borders to further customize the image. Dozens of decorations packages with which you can create unique photos of multiple types.
And for mothers who like to share their baby's photos with friends and family but do not want to publish them on social networks, Tapestry is perfect, which allows you to create a page of photos to share with a select number of people.

Finally, one App for children. We know well that in the end our smartphone is more in their hands than ours and the passion for taking easy and immediate photographs has infected even the little ones. First Camera is an app that allows you to create fun and original photos with a simple step.

The top ten photo editing apps for moms
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