The most beautiful songs of Sanremo about the family

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Sanremo songs about the family

The love for a child, that for the mother and in general for one's family are among the most sung feelings in the years of the history of national and international music. And also Sanremo, the most important singing competition in the country, is not lacking in illustrious and very famous examples. For years Sanremo has been, and still is, the ideal stage on which to express filial love or that for one's child. Let's take a trip between the Sanremo songs about the family

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Songs dedicated to children

Among the songs that were presented in the singing competition we remember:

  • Kids by Paola Turci: with this song Paola Turci won Sanremo in 1989 in the Emerging category. The text tells of all children who live in difficult conditions due to war or poverty. TEXT AND VIDEO
  • I'll leave you by Fausto Leali and Anna Oxa: the song won the 1989 edition of the Festival, a growing ode to love for children and the moment of separation because they are ready to face the world alone - TEXT and VIDEO

Songs dedicated to mothers

There are many songs dedicated to the mothers who walked the Sanremo stage.

Here is a significant selection.

  • All mothers by Gino Latilla: one of the most famous and sung songs dedicated to mothers. He won the 1964 edition of the Sanremo Festival when Latilla sang the song together with Giorgio Consolini. - TEXT and VIDEO

Moms! Moms! Moms! How many pains does love give you.

Yesterday, today, always, for you mothers there is no mercy.

Every child of yours, when a man will be,

towards its own destiny, without you it will go!

All the mothers of the world are beautiful

when a child cling to the heart.

They are the beauties of a profound good

made of dreams, sacrifices and love.

That woman's face is so beautiful

who watches a child and has no rest;

looks like the image of a Madonna,

it looks like the image of goodness.

And the years go by, the children grow up,

mothers whiten; but their beauty will not fade

  • Traces of you by Francesco Renga: presented at the Sanremo Festival in 2002 and dedicated to the singer-songwriter's mother, Jolanda, who died of myeloma when he was only nineteen. TEXT and VIDEO
  • Take me out to dance by Luca Barbarossa. A song dedicated to the never forgotten mother, presented at the 1992 Sanremo Festival - TEXT and VIDEO

Songs dedicated to the relationship between mother and children

Il relationship between a mom and her son has been the focus of numerous Songs el paesene and even foreigners. AND Sanremo it has always been a mirror of the country's society, of its contradictions and its balances. The mother cannot fail to be represented several times in the songs presented at the festival, in a very often melancholy, nostalgic and amorous confrontation, but in some cases, instead, reflective and complex.

In black and white by Carmen Consoli: presented in the 2000 edition. The Sicilian singer told of having written the text looking at the photographs of her mother, with whom she has never hidden that she had had a conflictual and difficult relationship - TEXT and VIDEO

And think about how many times

I felt it far away

And think about how many times

I wanted to tell her about me

At least ask her why

Long and hostile silences

And moments of carelessness

And we point out the two songs presented in the2022 edition of the Sanremo festival dedicated to mothers:

  • La fine stella by Gigi D'Alessio, dedicated to the missing mother
  • Forbidden to die by Ermal Meta, which tells of a son who wants to defend his mother from his father's violence.
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Songs dedicated to the family

The family was at the center of numerous songs presented in Sanremo. Here is a selection.

  • A man is alive by Frankie HI-NRG: a song dedicated to parents and family, which also tears open the veil of hypocrisy that too often envelops family habits. Presented in Sanremo in 2022 - TEXT and VIDEO
  • Controvento by Arisa: winner of the Sanremo Festival of 2022, the song by Arisa is a hymn to the love that can be found in the family, to what parents would always like to express to their children and often cannot find the words:

I am here

To listen to a dream

I will not speak

If you don't need it

But I'll be there

Because that's how I feel

Next to you

Traveling against the wind

I will solve

Maybe little or nothing

But I'll be there

And this is the important thing

Songs dedicated to the relationship between fathers and children

L'2022 edition of the Sanremo Festival was won by Stadio with a song dedicated to a father and his daughter. As told by Gaetano Curreri himself, vocalist of the Stadio, the song "One day you will tell me " it is a moving letter written by a father to his little girl in which he imagines having to console her for the first pains of love.

One day you will tell me

That a man left you and you don't know

More like breathing

To continue living

I will tell you that a man

It can also be wrong you know

You can be wrong you know

But what if it was true love

It was better to live it anyway

But you won't listen to me

I already know that you will not understand me

And you won't believe me

Crying you

You will hold me

In 2005 it was Sanremo to break the bank Francesco Renga with his song "Angelo”Dedicated to the birth of his little girl Jolanda.

In the edition 2022 another song dedicated by a father to his daughter was also presented at the Sanremo festival. It is about "portami via”By Fabrizio Moro, dedicated to his 3-year-old daughter Anita who, according to the singer-songwriter, was the person who helped him most in a moment of particular fragility in his life.

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