The most beautiful tattoos of moms

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Mothers tattoos

More and more people decide to get tattooed. A few years ago - I know because I did it too - when the phenomenon was not yet so widespread, we went to the tattoo artist, we chose a subject from a catalog (usually it was about tribals, hearts or little animals) and had that engraved there. In this way I got 4 stars tattooed on my foot and one behind my back. I don't regret it, but at the time I didn't think much about the design that would stay with me forever: I wanted a tattoo and I chose for the least bad one, considering it would stay with me forever.

Today instead tattooing is considered a real art and since there are many more tattooed people, those who do it as a profession become a kind of point of reference. Years after my first tattoo "among the stars" I chose to tattoo myself again: on my shoulder I engraved a thought by Goethe that reads "Whatever you want to do, start it" (it is longer than that, actually). I got it tattooed to close the circle with my postpartum depression story when I finished therapy and started helping moms with my website. On this second occasion I spoke at length with my tattoo artist, who tried to understand why I had decided for that series of verses.

In short, those who decide to get tattooed do not do it for fashion, but to stop a memory in time, as if it were a photograph on the skin. This is why he has much more say in the design that will make up the tattoo: represents an important part of its history, an important moment or a person you want to remember. And what better time is there for a new tattoo than that of the birth of a child? Many mothers - and many fathers - in fact decide to immortalize the moment that changed their lives forever by making it even more present with indelible ink.

Hollywood stars teach: the first example is certainly that of Angelina Jolie, who engraved the coordinates of the places where all her children were born on her arm. Even the top Heidi Klum has decided to dedicate a drawing on her skin to each of her 4 children. Not to mention-among the famous dads-of David Beckham whose body is literally covered with 47 tattoos, among which stands out “Buster”, the nickname by which he calls one of his sons. We may not get to that number, but if you want to get a tattoo, it is good to inquire first. For example, it is wise not to get a tattoo during pregnancy: this is because the immune defenses are lower and this can make the expectant mother more sensitive to infections and possible more important complications. In addition, he may have a rejection of the pigments of the tattoo color; it is a condition that continues even in breastfeeding, which is why it is advisable to postpone not only pregnant but also breastfeeding to the end.


Moms Tattoos | PHOTO

Moms Tattoos | The photos of the tattoos of our planetary mothers

To keep in mind is obviously hygiene: make sure that you are using only disposable and sterile needles, and the location you want to put the tattoo on (and related pain). So if you are undecided whether to get a tattoo or not, here are some tips.

Tattoos with the symbol of the son

Tattoos with the symbol of the child are usually done to honor the birth of your child; they can have a particular meaning depending on what it represents for parents.

  • For example, you can choose to write the name of the child as if it were sewn on, to symbolize a life that will remain forever.
  • or a tattoo that holds the hand of mother and child, certainly of great emotional impact
  • You can make tattoos that reflect the nickname you give to your baby, like a panda
  • Timeless are the feet or the little hands that can be either in black and white or in color depending on the sex.
  • Another common idea is certainly to write the name of your child, perhaps accompanying him from the infinity symbol or a bow, a pacifier, a heart.
  • Another gimmick - very fashionable in this period also thanks to the spread of social networks - is that of tstylized child art: one reproduces - in a similarly “childish” way - a family, including animals, as if they were drawings made by children, or reproduce a real drawing made by one's own child.

Tattoo for the birth of the son

Deciding to get a tattoo for the birth of your child certainly wants to make the idea of ​​the indissoluble bond that has just begun even stronger.

  • Very common, for example, is the stick figure of mom holding her baby in her arms and beside a heart next to which there may be the name of the little boy or girl.
  • It usually never fails date of birth or if it is simply the names, you can study ways to write them in an original way, perhaps on the back, where a swing represents the new life that is born and the words "I will never be far"
  • On the other hand, there are those who even prefer to get a tattoo the first time they learned of their child's "presence", or rather when they felt the heartbeat.
  • Very nice is also the idea of Matryoshka, which represents motherhood, as each one contains another in its turn, exactly as the mother carries her own child within her.

Tattoos dedicated to children, phrases

Choosing to tattoo phrases for your children is certainly very personal. In general, therefore, you should not choose them on the internet or among the cards that are in the menu of the famous chocolates, but be sure that they really represent us. They can be excerpts from songs or poems or why not even books.

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  • For example: "Because you are a special being and I will take care of you"
  • or "To you who took my life and made it much more",
  • "You will become big in a small time".

Personally, I believe that when and if I get a new tattoo I will get written a phrase said by my daughter Paola: "The man hugged the girl so tightly that he no longer felt his heart." As you can see, they are all personal considerations and each one is free to affect what binds her most to her little one.

There are no beautiful or better phrases, simply those that feel their own.

Where to get the tattoo with the name of the child?

If you want others to see it too, you could get a tattoo on your forearm, foot or shoulder. Better to avoid areas that will suffer from the weather, such as the biceps, unless you go to the gym every day (otherwise in many years you could have the "curtain" effect). It also depends on the type of work you do: if for example you have to wear elegant clothes, perhaps because you work in the company, perhaps it is not advisable to have those parts of the body that may be more visible. Finally: evaluate yours pain resistance: wrists and arms are the easiest areas, while back, back of foot, calves are really more demanding.

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