The most frequent dreams in pregnancy

Having strange dreams during pregnancy

If yours dreams have gotten particularly weird since you got pregnant, you are not the only ones. In reality it is something that happens to many and there seem to be precise reasons: the first to investigate them was, in the seventies, the psychologist Alan Siegel.

It appears that the bizarre dreams of pregnancy are a way to come to terms with the new role of parent, and to somehow express their deepest feelings and doubts: will i be a good mother Will my baby be born healthy? Add to this the role of gone hormones and you will have the recipe for decidedly bizarre dreams, in some cases even stressful. Here are some of the most common.

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  • Give birth to animals or objects

Giving birth to a dog, a cat, even an alien or an inanimate object: apparently disturbing dreams, but perhaps among the most common that can be had during pregnancy. Freud even talks about it in his "Interpretation of Dreams", dated 1899. According to experts, it seems that the animal or object is nothing but the symbol of the child.


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  • Forget the baby

There are those who dream of leaving the child unattended: going home without a pram, forgetting him on the changing table in the shopping center or on the trolley in the supermarket. Perhaps these dreams are the result of greater responsibility we feel on our shoulders now that we are about to become mothers. (Don't worry, it's usually not that easy to forget about them!)

  • Childbirth

Going into labor suddenly, perhaps in a public place; even seeing the baby's head or limbs sticking out from under the dress. Fear of childbirth is a rather common and understandable feeling: these dreams can also highlight some worry about losing control or that not everything is going the right way, or they simply indicate the desire to get to know your child.

  • Acqua

Especially in the first trimester, dreams concerning water and swimming are frequent, such as the womb that now welcomes the amniotic fluid. It can be fish or children that swim or float, or gardens, flowers and luxuriant fruits, which need water to survive.

  • Sex!

Sexual dreams during pregnancy are also very frequent. It is common to dream of conception, or to spend time with a famous actor or with random people, even strangers, of any sex.

  • Ex boyfriends

Other dreams that could be related to pregnancy hormones they are those linked to ex-boyfriends: people we may not have thought about for years and whom we no longer hear, but who for some reason come back to visit us like real ghosts while they sleep.

  • Find out the sex of the baby

Beginning in the third trimester, dreams usually become more eloquent. It may even happen to "discover" the sex of the child and sometimes the dream is so realistic that we wake up perfectly sure and convinced.

  • Metaphors

Other very common dreams in pregnancy are metaphors, not too complicated, of what is happening, a huge upheaval in our life. Small animals that grow up during the dream. Traveling, moving, packing, changing home furnishings, etc. The good news comes from some recent studies: although it may seem contradictory, it seems that scarier dreams help make pregnancy anxiety easier to manage. According to a 2008 study, pregnancy nightmares can lead to shorter labor and births with fewer complications. While a 2003 research found that the most seemingly masochistic dreams are related to a reduced risk of developing postpartum depression.

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