The newborn does not grow up: when is there to worry?

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From the beginning giorni of life, the matters relating to the increase of weight e height some little ones cover a big one importance for each parent. The problem, however, may be that the balance can become one stress not indifferent and sometimes, if the child does not even put a gram, you already think of the worse. But if for a period il neonate DON'T grow up or if growth slows down it is not always there worry.

Immediately after the birth, the adventure begins with the balance and weighed, which first is weekly, then it becomes monthly. And that puts a little bit of anxiety (as, moreover, many things that concern ours puppies). Health e welfare however they are not proved only by the weight, but also from a whole host of others factorsI diapers dirty, the good appetite, sonno serene…

Although they exist tables precise, statistics e percentiles growth of a child is not always constant and you don't need to go in paranoia if the scale says that the neonate DON'T grow up: sometimes, i reasons are trivial. For example, in some settimane could grow less in weight and more in lunghezza or accomplish progress important (how to learn a to crawl).

Other times the neonate DON'T grow up because a very simple ailment di season he did lose a little bit of appetite. You have a lot fame when you are prey to a powerful one cold that you tappa terribly the nose? Think about the sforzo of the little one who must suck...

THEanxiety of the Parents on growth of your child can then arise even from ancients legacies o customs popular, according to which a child, to be sano, it must be first of all tondo e chubby. However, this is not always the case. The experts they no longer know how to say it: every child is a , with its details rhythms di growth, and develops according to their own features constitutional which, to a large extent, depend on assets genetic inherited from Parents. It you and your partner you are bassi e minutes, do not expect your child to become a "giant".

In short, all this serves to say that, if for a period un neonate DON'T grow up or if the growth is not striking or if there are pause temporary, it is not necessary be alarmed immediately. However, there are some situations in which one reduction or one stop di weight e height they can be there light of something wrong.

In these cases, the pediatrician can fix some visits more close for a while time or, if necessary, prescribe some simple ones controls - an examination of the urine or withdrawal di blood - for to exclude any diseases. The doctor will evaluate with caution the situation when weight e height they deviate from a trend regular abruptly or so gradual, but progressive, or I know growth keeps itself beyond under of 3th percentile.

If the neonate DON'T grow up and, having made the anamnesis, the existence of a is suspected problem, we proceed with others exams to be sure that the child does not suffer from allergies o intolerances food (for example, the one at protein of XNUMX cups milk Vaccine), of diseases gastrointestinal (as the celiac disease and reflux gastroesophageal which, if left untreated, can affect the growth).

I test they will also serve to to ascertain that there are not diseases genetic, chromosomal, kidney o blood which can interfere with it development of the child. Within endocrinologico any are evaluated dysfunctions area of thyroid, deficit dell 'hormone area of growth or pathologies of glands adrenals.

La percentage of little ones who actually have a problem di health connected to growth really is low. For all the others we talk about "chronopathy" or "disease dell 'clock": It is only about children who have rhythms di growth more lenses their peers.

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