The pros and cons of postpartum girdles

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Pancera post parto

New mothers today are under a lot of external pressure in order to return as soon as possible "as before" of the pregnancy: you can be more or less sensitive to photos of models and celebrities parading in bikinis two months after giving birth, there are those who laugh at it and those who feel the pinch, but it is undeniable that images of a certain type are part of our society and anyone who is affected by it, in one sense or another.

When we talk about stars who magically regain their physical shape in a very short time, we also talk about armor with related more or less fictional anecdotes, like that of Jessica Alba who apparently wore two sheaths overlapping day and night for the first three months.

To what extent is due to the sheaths and not to the army of personal trainers, dieticians and various professionals at the service of every self-respecting star is all to be determined. Even the negative effects of pancera are still the subject of discussion: it seems that the areas thus bandaged have more difficulty in eliminating the water retention, and that intra-abdominal pressure can cause a whole series of problems such as urinary incontinence as well as a more difficult recovery of the muscles in the area.


Girdles and girdles for pregnancy

The various types of girdles and girdles to wear during pregnancy

Also for these reasons, if for the generations of our mothers and grandmothers using the sheath was the practice after a pregnancy, today this custom is less and less widespread. Let's see together with the practical side what are the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of postpartum pancera

  • Pros: the body is actually shaped

On the occasion of the most classic of disasters such as the marriage of an ex a few months after giving birth, the belly undoubtedly helps to take off a couple of sizes and re-slip with discreet ease into a pre-pregnancy dress, even if tight: in fact, the sheath, if chosen in the shorts models, it also reshapes the whole area of ​​the thighs and buttocks, making us appear more toned. Just choose the right size carefully: it must be tight, but not hemostatic!

  • Cons: inconvenience

Life with a newborn is already "uncomfortable" in itself, and there is no need to add other reasons for nervousness such as a tight and tingling item of clothing, which in the summer makes you sweat and takes a good 5 minutes to be worn every morning.

  • Pros: the sheath is time-saving

The 5 minutes every morning to wear it, however, if we think about it, are nothing compared to what a session in the gym or a sport of any kind would entail. New mothers in general (apart from the VIP ones!) Have no free time or energy, so a single item of clothing that gives outwardly the same result of hours in the gym is at least practical.

  • Cons: the pancera is… horrible!

When you say pancera, the thought immediately links to the famous scene from the movie Bridget Jones. The sheaths are aesthetically chilling, and if we wear a dress or shorts that are only slightly shorter the outer edge could be seen, not to mention any romantic encounters (if nothing else, they are able to instantly subdue any bellicose intent of the new father. , in a period in which "that" is the very least of our thoughts.)

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  • Pros: posture and epidermis

It seems that girdles and corsets, by wrapping the skin, also help to quickly regain skin tone, eliminating the typical post-partum relaxation in the belly area. The effect that is noticeable from the first time is that of improving posture, always a key element of our appearance and our health.

  • Cons: post-partum pain

Even those who have had a natural birth easily have a lot of discomfort at least in the first few weeks after birth. If only the idea of ​​adding further discomfort in that area makes us feel disgusted, it is probably better to wait: so much there pancera it runs nowhere - and not even the extra pounds, unfortunately.

Post partum sheath

The term is also used sheath to indicate an accessory more closely connected with pregnancy which, thanks to its anatomical shape, embraces the lumbar area and the belly. There postpartum girdle or girdle it usually consists of a very enveloping slip that attaches to a band that supports the belly and hips. We always recommend trying it on before buying it, as it is usually not adjustable, and there is a risk that it is not snug enough to support the weight, or that it is too tight and therefore could cause circulation problems.

Post partum belt

Another accessory considered useful for post-partum is the piston ring, which has the function of supporting the tissues and facilitating movements relieving post-operative pain. The postpartum belt is similar to a belly, but usually does not feature the slip. It comes in an elastic form and is of different sizes. According to many, the fascia seems to have an important role especially in post caesarean delivery, as it would support not only the internal tissues, but also prevent abrupt movements with the abdomen.

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